4 Best Wall Mixer in India [Review] 2023

Best Wall Mixer Buying Guide : Which Is Faultless For The Aesthetics And Function?

Bathroom is one of the most central parts of our home, where we relax, clean ourselves and like to shower after a long day. Every accessory in your bathroom will append to your comfort. Make sure that you are not disregarding the importance of shower. Today the majority of the homes are having showers and sometimes it is also taken for granted.

If you are planning new accessories for your bathroom then do not get anxious by the idea of choosing a shower, instead get overwhelmed with the options and choices you have. Many popular brands like Hindware Wall Mixer and others have everything stocked that is present on your list when it comes to bathroom accessories.

So, if you are ready to give your bathroom a modern touch and comfort then pay attention to this guide.  If there is plenty of hot water accessible in your dwelling then mixer shower is not only a wise decision, but a great addition too. Mixer shower will collect both hot and cold water and will provide you with water that is set temperature. There are temperature regulators that you can set to get the water that is comfortable for you.

Many times people have water connection with combination boiler having high pressure of water and even gravity fed system, but when it comes to bathroom mixer you do not have to worry about anything because you can get a Bathroom Wall Mixer that is suitable for your needs.

Best Wall Mixer in India

Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer

Casting: 100% virgin Brass Ingots
Robotic Electroplating
Bold and Attractive Look
AeratorSize: M24

Cera Garnet Quarter Turn
Fittings Wall Mixer

03 To 05 Micron Chromium Plating
Sturdy Construction
Heavy Duty Materials Durable Fitting R32
Rustproof Like Stainless Steel

ALTON GRACE 3780 Brass
Wall Mixer

Material: Brass, Finish: Chrome
Mirror Look Technology
Bold and Attractive Look
Simple, Streamlined Design

Wall Mixer

Material: Brass
Heavy Duty
Hi-Tech Center Cartridge
Sustain High Pressure

Online Best Wall Mixer Shopping

Here is the List of Top Best Wall Mixers in India and Buying List. 

Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer

Hindware Wall Mixer

Within the price range of 3000Rs you are going to get a fancy look fully functional accessory in your bathroom. It is chrome plated 3-in-1 mixer which you can mount it on your bathroom wall.  Its size is M28, weight 3 KG and certified for lawless casting. The Flora collection is inspired by the organic and fluid nature designs. Its finish is the most beautiful thing you will see in Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer as it has curves with flower mimicking soft and elegant lines. This model is an ideal addition in the modern bathrooms. It comes with 12 year warranty and will preserve its aesthetics for many upcoming years. Its features includes

  • Compact and curvy design for a neat bathroom look
  • 63% certified copper with flawless casting
  • It has chrome plating for everlasting shine
  • Easy to install
  • 12 year warranty

If you are looking for bathroom accessory that holds the brand name and features both then Hindware Flora collection is where your search is going to end.  In this affordable price range you will be able to give your bathroom a long lasting wall mixer. Its ratings are impressive and people have also left positive reviews about the product that makes it trustworthy. You can buy Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer at Amazon where you will also enjoy discounts on this product. There are other sizes available which you can check out and order according to your needs.

ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer

For a solid look accessory ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer is what you need to buy. With 2-in-1 feature you get water volume adjustments for hot/cold and both. It will make your shower time a pure joy. If you have pets at your home then their bath time is going to be easy for you with hand held shower.

  • It is made with brass and it is having chrome finish
  • It is certified with 63% copper
  • Mirror look technology with lifelong brightness
  • It is very easy to install
  • Comes with 5 year warranty

This 2-in-1 wall mixer by ALTON is definitely going to lift up the glamour of your bathroom. This faucet is going to add a touch of aesthetics to your bathroom décor. You can easily rotate it left and right to achieve the moment of hot/coldwater you desire. Its easy adjustments give you shower time or say joy time. There is a provision for hand shower that will make your bathroom time more convenient.

Just attach hose availed with the product and enjoy washing things or bathing your pets. It is affordable, appealing, and functional and holds along warranty. ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer is going to serve you for many years and will give you joyful shower time. Order it from Amazon and enjoy shopping of other vital accessories you might need to add to your bathroom.

Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer

Cera Garnet Quarter Wall Mixer

This Cera model is going to give your bathroom classic as well as modern look both. When it comes to design you will suddenly get flattered over it. Its chromium plating, shining finish and premium quality will give your space a wow look. This model certainly needs to be in your bathroom if you have a taste for simplicity as well as beauty.  The brand is well known in the market and obviously you are going to get a pretty range of bathroom accessory with Cera. It is very easy to install this product and you can do it on your own.  It is made with heavy duty material which is going to give it a longer life. It is made with stainless steel and this is why you will have no leaks or cracks in your wall mixer. Its features includes

  • Handled control wall mixer
  • Made of material brass
  • Also suitable for sink
  • Its 3-in-1 bath mixer  makes it easy to control
  • There is provision for head shower
  • 63% certified copper

If you are looking for reality then Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer is the model you need to install. The entire Cera range collection is inspired by royalty and all the elements like grace, beauty, and simplicity and flawless is easily reflected in the piece. The immaculate range by cera will certainly give a rich look and a royal touch to your bathroom. This immaculate beauty is going to easily fit in your pocket.

Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System

With jaguar you are going to get a complete system  with everything  hand shower, overhead shower, hot/cold water assemblies with 115mm long pipe, wall flange and connecting legs. There are 10 different finishes in which you can order Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System online. The jaguar collection is little bit expensive but worth every penny you are going to pay for it. It’s completely beautiful, classy and will give an amazing look to your bathroom space. Your guests will certainly desire to stay longer.  You can order any model from the jaguar exquisite collection along with other accessory that will enhance the entire décor of your bathroom. Its features includes

  • 3-in-1 system with both hand and head shower
  • Made with chrome material and its shine is going to last lifetime
  • Made with brass and is polished

Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System is going to blend in with every décor and will also lift up the aesthetics of the bathroom. There are other accessories that will suit your wall mixer and needs to be fitted along with it. Check out more about jaguar bathroom accessories online and give your remodeling a successful objective. This model will certainly suit your bathroom the best. This wall mixer is a complete system in itself.

List of Top 7 Best Wall Mixers in India

Choosing a Wall Mixer

Well, this is something overwhelming because brands like hind ware, jaguar, ALTON and many others have colossal bathroom fittings and furnishings like Wall Mixer Taps, handheld showers, showerheads etc and this can leave you a challenge. There is not just one factor that is beauty based on which you choose a mixer. Below are the few factors that you can consider

  • The type will depend upon the heating system in your choice. There are different models available that can fit best with water supplies in your home.
  • Check out all the individual features and benefits of the models you are interested in. Your supplier is going to provide them all.
  • You must know about the components like styling, water systems in your house, installation style and design to get a best mixer.
  • You also have option of customization with some brands if you know what you exactly need
  • Do not ignore the reputation of the brand you choose because bathroom fittings and furnishings is a long term investment and you cannot ignore the importance of brand. One expert advice is Jaguar Wall Mixer which is well known for bathroom fittings.

These are the tips that will help you choose mixer that will provide you with a bathroom not only with grand looks but great functionality. Advice and support is also important so make sure that you choose a supplier carefully. If purchasing online make sure that you read the reviews, benefits and features of the model you choose. Online you will also enjoy pretty discounts.

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How Wall Mixer Works?

There are different types of wall mixers available for Indian homes along with different formation features. You can use any one of them and they will work on any level of water pressure. No matter you are having low /high or both level of water pressure a god brand wall mixer will able to manage with the pressure levels without troubling you. People choose wall mixers over electric showers because it has the advantage of providing water even with the high pressures.

There are many different brands with a wide array of design that can complement your bathroom’s décor without any confusion. There is nothing more pleasing to eyes then having a shining chrome bathroom fixtures under which you can relax and get rejuvenated under the flow of warm water. On the other hand side contemporary Mixer can complete the look. You can dug in Wall Mixer, conceal them or mount them on the wall surface the choice is all yours.

There are thermostats that come along with the furnishings having temperature sensor that automatically adjusts to the water volume, so that a constant temperature is there even when settings are changed. There are safety features as well such as eliminating fluctuations that can prevent accidents like unexpected surprises, scalding etc when other water outlets are turned on. If you need an easy option then go with exposed shower because there is less efforts required as compared to the concealed ones which require plumbing hassle to get installed.

Bath Wall Mixer Installation Guide



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