4 Best Wall Mixer in India [Review] 2023

Best Wall Mixer Buying Guide : Which Is Faultless For The Aesthetics And Function?

Bathroom is one of the most central parts of our home, where we relax, clean ourselves and like to shower after a long day. Every accessory in your bathroom will append to your comfort. Make sure that you are not disregarding the importance of shower. Today the majority of the homes are having showers and sometimes it is also taken for granted.

If you are planning new accessories for your bathroom then do not get anxious by the idea of choosing a shower, instead get overwhelmed with the options and choices you have. Many popular brands like Hindware Wall Mixer and others have everything stocked that is present on your list when it comes to bathroom accessories.

So, if you are ready to give your bathroom a modern touch and comfort then pay attention to this guide.  If there is plenty of hot water accessible in your dwelling then mixer shower is not only a wise decision, but a great addition too. Mixer shower will collect both hot and cold water and will provide you with water that is set temperature. There are temperature regulators that you can set to get the water that is comfortable for you.

Many times people have water connection with combination boiler having high pressure of water and even gravity fed system, but when it comes to bathroom mixer you do not have to worry about anything because you can get a Bathroom Wall Mixer that is suitable for your needs.

Best Wall Mixer in India

Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer

Casting: 100% virgin Brass Ingots
Robotic Electroplating
Bold and Attractive Look
AeratorSize: M24

Cera Garnet Quarter Turn
Fittings Wall Mixer

03 To 05 Micron Chromium Plating
Sturdy Construction
Heavy Duty Materials Durable Fitting R32
Rustproof Like Stainless Steel

ALTON GRACE 3780 Brass
Wall Mixer

Material: Brass, Finish: Chrome
Mirror Look Technology
Bold and Attractive Look
Simple, Streamlined Design

Wall Mixer

Material: Brass
Heavy Duty
Hi-Tech Center Cartridge
Sustain High Pressure

Online Best Wall Mixer Shopping

Here is the List of Top Best Wall Mixers in India and Buying List. 

Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer

Hindware Wall Mixer

Within the price range of 3000Rs you are going to get a fancy look fully functional accessory in your bathroom. It is chrome plated 3-in-1 mixer which you can mount it on your bathroom wall.  Its size is M28, weight 3 KG and certified for lawless casting. The Flora collection is inspired by the organic and fluid nature designs. Its finish is the most beautiful thing you will see in Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer as it has curves with flower mimicking soft and elegant lines. This model is an ideal addition in the modern bathrooms. It comes with 12 year warranty and will preserve its aesthetics for many upcoming years. Its features includes

  • Compact and curvy design for a neat bathroom look
  • 63% certified copper with flawless casting
  • It has chrome plating for everlasting shine
  • Easy to install
  • 12 year warranty

If you are looking for bathroom accessory that holds the brand name and features both then Hindware Flora collection is where your search is going to end.  In this affordable price range you will be able to give your bathroom a long lasting wall mixer. Its ratings are impressive and people have also left positive reviews about the product that makes it trustworthy. You can buy Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer at Amazon where you will also enjoy discounts on this product. There are other sizes available which you can check out and order according to your needs.

ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer

For a solid look accessory ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer is what you need to buy. With 2-in-1 feature you get water volume adjustments for hot/cold and both. It will make your shower time a pure joy. If you have pets at your home then their bath time is going to be easy for you with hand held shower.

  • It is made with brass and it is having chrome finish
  • It is certified with 63% copper
  • Mirror look technology with lifelong brightness
  • It is very easy to install
  • Comes with 5 year warranty

This 2-in-1 wall mixer by ALTON is definitely going to lift up the glamour of your bathroom. This faucet is going to add a touch of aesthetics to your bathroom décor. You can easily rotate it left and right to achieve the moment of hot/coldwater you desire. Its easy adjustments give you shower time or say joy time. There is a provision for hand shower that will make your bathroom time more convenient.

Just attach hose availed with the product and enjoy washing things or bathing your pets. It is affordable, appealing, and functional and holds along warranty. ALTON Grace 3795 Brass 2 in 1 Wall Mixer is going to serve you for many years and will give you joyful shower time. Order it from Amazon and enjoy shopping of other vital accessories you might need to add to your bathroom.

Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer

Cera Garnet Quarter Wall Mixer

This Cera model is going to give your bathroom classic as well as modern look both. When it comes to design you will suddenly get flattered over it. Its chromium plating, shining finish and premium quality will give your space a wow look. This model certainly needs to be in your bathroom if you have a taste for simplicity as well as beauty.  The brand is well known in the market and obviously you are going to get a pretty range of bathroom accessory with Cera. It is very easy to install this product and you can do it on your own.  It is made with heavy duty material which is going to give it a longer life. It is made with stainless steel and this is why you will have no leaks or cracks in your wall mixer. Its features includes

  • Handled control wall mixer
  • Made of material brass
  • Also suitable for sink
  • Its 3-in-1 bath mixer  makes it easy to control
  • There is provision for head shower
  • 63% certified copper

If you are looking for reality then Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer is the model you need to install. The entire Cera range collection is inspired by royalty and all the elements like grace, beauty, and simplicity and flawless is easily reflected in the piece. The immaculate range by cera will certainly give a rich look and a royal touch to your bathroom. This immaculate beauty is going to easily fit in your pocket.

Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System

With jaguar you are going to get a complete system  with everything  hand shower, overhead shower, hot/cold water assemblies with 115mm long pipe, wall flange and connecting legs. There are 10 different finishes in which you can order Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System online. The jaguar collection is little bit expensive but worth every penny you are going to pay for it. It’s completely beautiful, classy and will give an amazing look to your bathroom space. Your guests will certainly desire to stay longer.  You can order any model from the jaguar exquisite collection along with other accessory that will enhance the entire décor of your bathroom. Its features includes

  • 3-in-1 system with both hand and head shower
  • Made with chrome material and its shine is going to last lifetime
  • Made with brass and is polished

Jaquar Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System is going to blend in with every décor and will also lift up the aesthetics of the bathroom. There are other accessories that will suit your wall mixer and needs to be fitted along with it. Check out more about jaguar bathroom accessories online and give your remodeling a successful objective. This model will certainly suit your bathroom the best. This wall mixer is a complete system in itself.

List of Top 7 Best Wall Mixers in India

Choosing a Wall Mixer

Well, this is something overwhelming because brands like hind ware, jaguar, ALTON and many others have colossal bathroom fittings and furnishings like Wall Mixer Taps, handheld showers, showerheads etc and this can leave you a challenge. There is not just one factor that is beauty based on which you choose a mixer. Below are the few factors that you can consider

  • The type will depend upon the heating system in your choice. There are different models available that can fit best with water supplies in your home.
  • Check out all the individual features and benefits of the models you are interested in. Your supplier is going to provide them all.
  • You must know about the components like styling, water systems in your house, installation style and design to get a best mixer.
  • You also have option of customization with some brands if you know what you exactly need
  • Do not ignore the reputation of the brand you choose because bathroom fittings and furnishings is a long term investment and you cannot ignore the importance of brand. One expert advice is Jaguar Wall Mixer which is well known for bathroom fittings.

These are the tips that will help you choose mixer that will provide you with a bathroom not only with grand looks but great functionality. Advice and support is also important so make sure that you choose a supplier carefully. If purchasing online make sure that you read the reviews, benefits and features of the model you choose. Online you will also enjoy pretty discounts.

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How Wall Mixer Works?

There are different types of wall mixers available for Indian homes along with different formation features. You can use any one of them and they will work on any level of water pressure. No matter you are having low /high or both level of water pressure a god brand wall mixer will able to manage with the pressure levels without troubling you. People choose wall mixers over electric showers because it has the advantage of providing water even with the high pressures.

There are many different brands with a wide array of design that can complement your bathroom’s décor without any confusion. There is nothing more pleasing to eyes then having a shining chrome bathroom fixtures under which you can relax and get rejuvenated under the flow of warm water. On the other hand side contemporary Mixer can complete the look. You can dug in Wall Mixer, conceal them or mount them on the wall surface the choice is all yours.

There are thermostats that come along with the furnishings having temperature sensor that automatically adjusts to the water volume, so that a constant temperature is there even when settings are changed. There are safety features as well such as eliminating fluctuations that can prevent accidents like unexpected surprises, scalding etc when other water outlets are turned on. If you need an easy option then go with exposed shower because there is less efforts required as compared to the concealed ones which require plumbing hassle to get installed.

Bath Wall Mixer Installation Guide


Best Commode in India 2023 [Western Toilet]

Best Commode in India : Buying Guide for Indian Customers

No matter you are renovating your bathroom or building a new one, one major addition is the toilet seat, and choosing a fresh commode can be a daunting task. If you think choosing a toilet seat based on just looks then you are wrong. Today you are going to find both national and international bathroom fitting brands like Cera, Jaguar, Hindware, and many others with an amazing collection along with features to sell in the Indian market.

You will be surprised to see the options available in the market.  There are many factors that you need to consider like color, size, function, height, budget, shape including relaxation and beautification-like things.

Best Commode in India

Ceramic Western Toilet Seat

Material : Ceramic
Mount Type : Floor Mount
Dimension : 71cm x 37cm x 67 cm
Trap Type : S Trap

Belmonte Ceramic
One Piece Western Commode

Material : Ceramic
Mount Type : Floor Mount
Trap Type : S Trap
Dimension : 65cm x 35cm x 70cm

DOVEL Ceramic
Glaze Toilet Seat

Material Type : Ceramic Glaze
Wall Hung Toilet Ceramic Body
Shape : Square
L : 490 mm ; W : 345 mm ; D : 365 mm

B Backline One Piece
Ceramic Western Toilet

Size : 71 x 35 x 69 cm
Material : Ceramic
Mount Type : Floor Mount
Trap Type : S Trap

  • >

1. Ceramic Western Toilet Seat

Do you need a floor-mounted water closet-based toilet seat for your new or old bathroom? Then, a Ceramic Western toilet seat is the best option to go with. It is cheaper than wall-mounted water closets. This modern toilet seat has a single-piece water closet that is floor-mounted. It is made of ceramic and its trap type is S Trap. Its trap distance is 215 mm or 9 inches that are a minimum needed distance from the back wall for trapping the whole center when it comes to installing this water closet. It also includes Slow Motion Slim Hydraulic Seat Cover and Gasket.

The type of seat material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and its shape is Oblong. If you have more space in your bathroom, then installing this toilet seat must be your option, otherwise, go for anything else. The reason is that it demands more space and can make your bathroom look more uncomfortable. So, take your decision wisely and check its dimensions by going online before deciding to install it. On the whole, it will give your bathroom a luxurious look if you have plenty of space. Make sure the décor of the bathroom matches its color and design.

2. Belmonte Ceramic One Piece Western Commode

Belmonte is an Indian sanitary brand offering the biggest collection of sanitary ware products. The product range they offer is manufactured using high-quality raw material along with sophisticated technology by keeping the predefined standards in mind. Are you seeking a one-piece western toilet seat or commode? If yes, then Belmonte can meet your needs and preferences. Belmonte One Piece Western Water Closet is white in color and its dimensions are 65cm x 35cm x 70cm. it is based on S Trap and its mount type is Floor Mount and the trap distance is 230mm or 9 inches. You can directly buy this product from the manufacturer itself. To stay away from fake or poor quality products delivery, make sure you find a reliable and authorized seller of Belmonte products.

This square-shaped commode is the right option for you if the waste hole in your bathroom is on the floor when it comes to deploying a water closet. Its box includes one water closet along with flush tank fitting installed, one gasket, and one slow-motion seat cover. It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Look online and check its price and then visit its offline store or buy it online.

3. DOVEL Ceramic Glaze Toilet Seat

It is one of the popular wall-mounted toilet seats having a square design. It comes with a modern and elegant design. The manufacturer has used highly-rated ceramic material in it. As it is being wall-mounted, then it is going to cover a little space in your bathroom. It has a moderate price and when it comes to the material of the toilet seat, it is Polyvinyl Chloride. It is 20 kg in weight. Many people love the square-shaped design of western toilet seats in their bathrooms, but the options are plenty. Don’t get confused, this range of western commode will make your bathroom look stylish and dashing.

When it comes to its installation part, it is very easy, eliminating the need of going through a lengthy and hard process. If you want a well-priced toilet seat that may also give a modern look to your bathroom, then don’t waste your time, just book this toilet seat as it is going to help you save bathroom space. It is perfect for small-sized bathrooms. The main drawback of this toilet seat is its low comfort level because of its wall-mounted feature. Make sure you check it before buying and only order if it seems appropriate to you.

4. B Backline One Piece Ceramic Western Toilet

In the series of the best sanitary ware brands in India, the next is B Backline. This brand also has a huge variety to offer when it comes to different sanitary ware products and accessories. It is an elegant-looking toilet seat based on the European style. An ideal product for small-sized bathrooms. This toilet seat from the B Backline brand appears very attractive, undoubtedly. It is a floor-mounted toilet seat. If you love white-colored commodes, then go with this product without giving it a second thought. High-quality ceramic is used in its manufacturing. It has a square shape along with a floor-mounted feature. This commode has a weight of 20 kg.

It is based on the S Trap type as the outlet is from the floor. You will get a variety of features in just a single product by this brand. Like, it is long-lasting, very easy to fit, etc. the manufacturer has utilized fine materials in every single unit. Get ready to makeover your bathroom by bringing this designer toilet seat at a very affordable price. Visit its official website to go through other toilet seat ranges from this brand and ensure to pick the right one like this one-piece western commode.


In the Indian market, you are going to find an unparalleled range of exclusive toilet seat designs that you will desire right away.  So, if you are ready just keep these below-mentioned aspects while choosing a commode

Check for New Technology Always

You know we are living in a Hi-tech world so there always will be something better from another.  You must explore the new designs and know more about toilers.  From time to time patterns and designs keeps on changing so the novel might not get skipped. Look for extraordinary functions which you will only find with new innovations.

Consider the Space

There are different cistern sizes available and you should consider the size. You must not fit it between basin and wall if you need a lavish bathroom. There is wall mounted cistern available which you can pick.  A wall-mounted cistern will provide more space and also keeps the space clean. Every other accessory is mounted n the wall like a flush tank.  If you need a luxurious look then wall mounted commode is right for you.

Correct Array Must Not Be Neglected

In the market you will find colossal options and selecting the right one can be difficult.  The toilet seat must fit along with the other accessories of the bathroom which will add elegance. In the Indian market, you will find designs that can fit the needs of the Indian family from low budget to high.  There are different variants available and much more.

It Should Be Comfy

You should not neglect the comfort as many like relaxing time there. So you just have to make sure which commode suits you the best western style or Indian design? Then should it be square or round front or elongated front or round? Apart from there are few other features that you can look into when it comes to comfort.

Flushing System Needs To Be Powerful

When it comes to features there are many and you must not overlook them. The jet system needs to be powerful and should have broad valves so that you get equally spread water for better cleaning. The Flushing system needs to be smooth. There should be less noise etc are features that you must look.

It Should Be Environmental Friendly

You live on this planet and you share many natural resources among which one is water.  It’s your responsibility that you ask for a toilet seat that uses less water every time you flush. Today we have hydraulic designs which consume less water as compared to the old toilets. It will not only save water but will also prevent heft water bills. There are regular flush tanks and wall mounted with 2 button arrangement to choose from.

Types of Western Commode

There are different types of Commode versions like Wall Mounted Commode or Floor Mounted Western Commode.


Many people are concerned about the attractiveness of their bathrooms. They want to create a perfect aura and décor for their bathrooms and of course, it is incomplete without a toilet seat. Indian or western commode? It is one of the interesting things to ask when you are going to buy a toilet seat for your newly built or existing bathroom. Although, it is a small thing to consider but needs too much time and effort to choose from because of a wide range of options of toilet seats available in the market, especially in India.

If you are a health lover, then an Indian toilet seat is better for you because western commodes may come with some health risks in humans like skin infections, Urinary Tract Infections, etc. This is why it is important to think about having an Indian or western toilet in your bathroom. Due to the modern era, almost every person wants his/her bathroom to look elegant and lavish. So, western toilet seats are more demanding than Indian toilet seats even in India. Western toilet seats are originated in Britain, this is the place where they spread to the remaining countries in the Western region.

Comfortability is the primary reason why people always demand western toilet seats over Indian toilets. Convenient for elderly people, patients suffering from osteoarthritis, or those who have undergone any surgery can use western toilets without any hassle. Deliberated as a modality for social status, the use of western toilets has been increasing day by day.


The toilet is a very private area for some people and it is not just any other room in your house. It is a very private space where you spend plenty of good time relaxing and finding comfort.  So, it is important that you have a nicely decorated bathroom. You might not know this that the majority of the world use toilet seat that is different in the western regions. We all know that western toilets are better designed when it comes to fulfilling the toilet needs of humans. Western toilets are also comfortable and also lends to maintaining hygiene.

Western toilets are different from squat toilets and are more like a chair where you sit.  There is a toilet tank directly attached to the bowl of the toilet, which holds and then removes human waste when you flush it.  The lid and seat are also attached to the bowl. You also get a toilet paper holder nearby which is convenient.  You can spend as much time as you want on western toilets because they are extremely comfortable. You must not flush the toilet paper in the toilet as it can clog in western seats. There are plenty of different models available in the western range among the Indian suppliers of toilet accessories.

Even in the Indian market, there is no lack of hi-tech commodes and other toilet accessories.  You will also find them in your budget. Why not give an online comparison to the western toilets online and look at what is available.


The toilet is not among the fanciest items, but your bathroom is going to be incomplete without it. When it comes to the bathroom many are going to ignore the aesthetics and designs, however today you are going to find a variety of shapes and sizes that can even make your commode the fanciest item in your bathroom such as a wall-mounted seat. Wall hung toilets are fitted in the wall, its tank is inside the wall and bowl is left outside. Wall-mounted toilet seats are becoming more and more desirable nowadays because they are more minimalistic and modern, it takes less spaced and also keeps your bathroom floor airy, clean and dry. Wall-mounted toilets are design-oriented and this is why modern bathrooms require them.

There is one major advantage of the wall-mounted seat and that is they can save space because they are no bigger because of the efficient design. You get more room to fit other useful items in the bathrooms.  You can save up to 10 inches as compared to floor toilet seats. It adds to the open aesthetics freeing up space for some extra elements. The only drawback of the wall-mounted commode is that it is a little expensive as compared to the floor attached seats. No matter it is installation or purchase, the cost is always higher. The reason is that the tanks and seats are sold separately and this is why it is overall priced. Still, you must check prices as they can differ by manufacture and area.

Best Toilet Seat In India

When it comes to sanitary fittings you are always going to find top-notch brands in India like Hindware, Jaguar, parry ware, and others.  All these brands are renowned and holding a presence for centuries in the Indian market.  The product categories are vast and every Indian family is going to find bathroom accessories in their budget as well as their needs.

Jaguar offers different segments like popular facet series and sanitary ware series to choose from. The price range also ranges from low to high and also depends upon the segment and series you choose.

Then comes Hindware offering Indian families with perfect sanitary items, also known as Hindustan sanitary ware and industries limited, and is serving us since 1960.  You are going to get luxury bath fittings under the brand name BENELAVE, QUEO, and AMORE. You get an Italian collection, an art collection, and a variety of series to choose from under your budget.

Cera is 37 years old company and they produce 3. Million pieces every year. You can also explore Cera products online and look for vitreous china sanitary ware, wall-mounted commode/floor attached toilet seats, and much more.

Parry ware is among another best sanitary ware producer in idea with 65 years old presence.  If you are looking for bathroom accessories that can serve you for many upcoming years with aesthetics and function then you must not ignore the reputation of the brand.

Western Style Toilet

You will be surprised to know that there are different types of toilets and they are available in all different sizes, functionality, shape, sanitation, and structure. These types will also vary when it comes to efficiency and cost so it is important that you know in what you are investing your hard-earned money. In India, western-style toilet seats are getting more and more desirable.  In the western category, you will find again different types like elongated, round-shaped, wall-mounted, square-shaped, one flush, etc. when it comes to power and performance western toilets are the best and in the Indian market, you are going to find a pretty good collection of western toilet seats that will suit your needs the best. One-piece toilet seat comes with one unit and its clear advantage is that it is very easy to clean. It is shorter in the breath which makes it the perfect fit in any corner of the bathroom. You just have to ensure that your toilet seat is perfectly installed.

Another western toilet collection that is hot selling in the Indian market is wall mounted commode. It is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and saves you plenty of space. You do not have to worry about leaking issues and even cleaning. Today you can find them in different colors and shapes so that you can choose a toilet seat that ideally matches your bathroom decor. The western range is a little bit expensive; however, there are chances to find one in budget too.

Below are the Few Indian brands you Can Look Into

We discover some brands of Commode available in Indian Market are as follows:

Parryware Western Toilet

Parry ware is among the leading bathroom products manufacture and is also the country's oldest business entity. It was founded in the year 1952 and you can totally trust the brand when it comes to your bathroom renovation needs. You are going to get luxury accessories and bathroom ware from the brand that is going to provide a character to your bathroom space. There are a variety of ranges when it comes to toilet seats set according to Indian family needs.

There are exclusive designs and models to pick from. The bathroom range of parry ware is also affordable and you also get options to settle in your budget. You will find its products under the brand name Roca. The company was also awarded as the super brand of India.  The brand offers comprehensive solutions when it comes to bathroom fittings and accessories.

Parryware Western Toilet

You are going to get high-quality bathroom accessories that are going to stay as long as your house is there.  The range is huge therefore it can confuse you.  You must keep your list ready like what design you want? What size? What color? If you know what you desire Parryware has something for everyone. It also keeps on launching new products with more beautiful and comfortable designs. Also compare the price of the models so that you can find a commode that is not only functional, beautiful but also an investment for your bathroom.

Cera Western Toilet

Cera was founded in the year 1980 and is serving Indian homes for 37 years now. You are going to find Cera products at Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal like websites. It is one growing brand in India and offers you bathroom solutions that you will love within just one look. It is one trusted brand that has won many awards.

There are other bathroom accessories also available with the brand. For all kinds of customers, Cera has something to offer. You will definitely get overwhelmed by looking at the different styles of toilet seats and other bathroom accessories in the Cera bathroom range. The price range is also comfortable and this is why Indian homes do have Cera products installed in their bathrooms.

Cera Western Toilet

The brand has made its hard efforts to put elegant style in toilet seats by keeping comfort level at a priority level. A huge range of western water closets or toilet seats you can get from this brand. Its large collection of western toilet seats make it hard for you to go with which one.

Make sure you know your needs and preferences related to a toilet seat before buying it because preferences may be different that may impact your selection criteria. Hence, pick up the best Cera toilets from its official website or contact its authorized dealers to deliver the right products at your place. Explore a big range of toilet seats from Cera, whether it is about the size, shape, or style, you will be amazed completely.

Hindware Western Toilet

As there are lots of brands offering a great collection of different sanitary ware products like wash basins, toilet seats, or much more, Hindware is one of them. It is one of the oldest brands that is 57 years old. It was founded in the year 1960, its complete name is Hindustan Sanitary ware & Industries Limited.

The company has four manufacturing plants all over India, including Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and they have the capacity to manufacture more than 2.7 million products used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places annually. The company has been expanding its business around India and even worldwide. They acquired Krishna Ceramics Ltd. and also Raasi Ceramics to multiply their manufacturing capacity of many sanitary ware products.

Hindware Western Toilet

The company has a home interior and décor retail chain store, which was founded in the year 2007 and titled Hindware Home Retail Pvt. Limited or HRPL and now, this retail store is named EVOK. There are many brand names of the luxury bath fittings which are under this company such as BENELAVE, AMORE, and QUEO.

One can get toilet seats or other products from this brand in major 3 categories such as Hindware Art Collection, Hindware, and Hindware Italian Collection. It is one of the affordable brands in India so that any person with a limited budget can meet his/her bathroom-related needs right on the go. Go online and look for its attractive collection of toilet seats of various types and purchase according to your preferences.

Jaquar Western Toilet

One of the leading bath fittings and sanitary ware brands in India is Jaquar. The company was founded in the year 1960. They have made their greater presence in more than forty-five countries all over the world such as Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. When it comes to their modern manufacturing units in India, there are 5 and one in South Korea. With their dedication and hard efforts, they are capable of manufacturing 24 million bath fittings every year and their customers are too much contented with their product range and other services.

Jaquar Western Toilet

Not only the residential sector, even the company has also fulfilled the needs of the commercial sector as well because of their 3 different segments like Jaquar, Artize, and Essco. There are different product categories offered by this brand such as faucets, sanitary wares, etc. 

When it comes to western toilet seats, they offer a different variety of designs along with different features that can improve your bathroom décor ideally. No matter whether you want floor-mounted or wall-hung toilet seats, they have everything to offer.

The water closets offered by them with a single piece are coupled with wall-mounted and floor-mounted options, which can fit into your coordinated design, as well as installation parameters perfectly. Additionally, you will get an advantage of user-friendly 2 push buttons activated dual-flush technology that will make your utilization smarter. Most toilet seat models include features like soft closing detachable UF seat cover, clean and odor-free, anti-germ glazing, tornado flushing, rimless water closets, etc.

Best Commode Brands In India

Basically, a commode can perform three functions. A person can use it as a raised toilet seat, a bedside commode if he/she cannot go to the bathroom, or a toilet safety frame. There may be a number of reasons to buy a commode. No matter whatever the reason may be to have a toilet seat, it must be comfortable and equipped with modern features, leaving no compromises at all. Many commode brands are available in the market, leaving you with confusion. You can look for different types of toilet seats online as well.

To buy the best toilet seat, it is important to know about different brands what they are offering, what features different commodes have, etc. The best way is to compare different brands on the basis of the features of their toilet seats, their prices, comfortability, safety, size, height, and many other factors. These factors are essential to keep in mind along with the flushing mechanism when you are going to purchase an appropriate commode.

There are water-saving toilet seats, as well as dual-flush toilet seats available from many brands. Along with these features, you need to select from a single-piece or two-piece toilet. When you have all this info in your hands, selecting the right commode from a popular and recognized brand will become easy and fast. Ensure you go through reviews shared by different users on different online shopping sites regarding a wide range and model of commodes with many dissimilar features and options.


Best Hand Shower in India 2023

Best Hand Shower in India 2023: What To Opt For?

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the amazing things people do often. There are different things that we can change in our bathrooms to enhance the overall look and design. One of the things is installing a bathroom shower or changing an old one. Ask anyone who has never redecorated a bathroom and they think that all bathroom showers are similar. But it is not the case with every shower you see because there is a huge variety of bathroom showers available in the Indian market. It all depends on you which type of shower you will consider for your bathroom considering the available space, budget, interests, and preferences.

Best High End
Editor's Choice
Best Seller
Best Hand Shower in India

Hand Showers

Are you interested in getting the most from your shower experience? If yes, then a Hand Shower is the best way to do this. These are handheld units attaching to your shower wall through a long rubber hose and the best part is that these can be simply removed to direct the spray of water in whatever direction you want it. Another exciting thing is that these showers are suitable for environment lovers, as these can help to conserve both energy and water without sacrificing the water pressure used to maintain your comfort and cleanliness.

These showers can also be installed without extensive refinishing or demo just like a regular fixed showerhead. Still not convinced about having a handheld shower in your bathroom? Learn the interesting reasons that may force you to have just a perfect upgrade:

  • Give a spa-like experience at Home :
These units provide a chance to get a spa-like experience in homes. As these provide a great sense of comfortability and flexibility, these are the best alternatives to massagers. There are multiple settings in handheld showers, making your bathroom look like a spa taking care of your needs and preferences. With a handheld shower, one can easily control the direction of the water, ease sore muscles after a workout, eliminate the need of struggling while rinsing the shampoo out of hair, or getting difficulty in clearing out the soap foam in hard-to-reach places. These are also best for women while shaving their legs, bathing while keeping hairs dry, etc. 

  • Conserving Water and Energy :
Hand showers are helpful to conserve water easily as there is no need to put a shower on all the time. You can direct water only wherever required. This way, it will also reduce the cost of energy to heat this water. You can use a shut-off switch available on the handle in some models, making conservation of water easy.

  • Cleaning Pets and Kids: A Hand Shower :

It is also beneficial for cleaning kids and pets. No need to send your pets to the groomer, just do it at your home. When it comes to kids, these showers also make them feel comfortable without heavy spray and noise. Not only, watering plants and washing other household items can also be done using handheld showers.

  • Ideal for Elderly or Disabled People:

While fixed showerheads can’t be lowered or raised, handheld showers have a hose ranging from 3-6 feet or more. For those using a shower seat due to any reason, the long hose on these showers makes them an ideal option. This way, disabled or elderly people can retain their independence, mobility, and safety while accessing bathing easily and doing other things as well.

Kohler - 16359IN-A-CP Hand Shower

Do you want a handheld shower unit that is suitable for everyday use regardless of the family size? If yes, then this model from Kohler offers a wider coverage spray that can be used on a regular basis. In this package, you will get a hand shower unit with a hose. Its ergonomic design seems to be very comfortable. The best part is that it can be easily held in hands due to its comfortable grip. It has a MasterClean spray face that is also easy to clean.

The presence of Hand Shower Bracket 9038IN-CP in this unit helps to make the wall-mount installation simpler and quicker. It can also be utilized with Slide bars. Its finishes help to prevent corrosion and tarnishing. This way, it exceeds industry durability standards by two times. Hence, make this hand shower a part of your bathroom and experiences a new bathing experience.

Hindware F160080CP Hand Shower

If you want to have a durable hand shower for your bathroom, then getting this model is an ideal one. It is available in chrome color with an ABS material. This model is a one-piece three Flow Head Shower along with a pressing switch ABS of 150mm. you will get 12 years warranty on the product from the company. In addition, it also provides you with long-lasting shine and easy water flow. Get ready to drench in the enriching sensation with these unique and bold showers. Showers from this brand are created particularly to offer you a smooth water flow while making you feel like a sauna every time. 

There is one faucet included in the package. It is resistant to corrosion. Its spray patterns will give you a massage-like experience. So, what are you waiting for? Just install it in your bathroom to get a modern look and feel.

Hand Shower for Bathroom

A handheld or hand shower is simply a showerhead comprises of a long, flexible hose along with a showerhead linked at one end. When it comes to the other end, it is attached to an adjoining water outlet that can include the water supply for the tub spout, a standard showerhead, or a sink faucet.

While choosing a handheld shower for your bathroom, there are a surprising number of options in terms of its different styles and types. The key difference is that these showers are designed to be linked (bathtub spout, shower arm, diverter valve, or sink faucet) and in the sort of parts involved with the unit. It is important to realize the parts before picking the best option for your home. Apart from the hose and the showerhead, there are 4 other parts, including diverter valve, shower arm, shower head holder, and vertical slide bar. These are:

  • Shower arm is the piece of pipe that attaches a regular above showerhead to the bathroom wall. It has threads situated on both ends of the pipe.

  • 3-way diverter valve is a small piece of connector pipe with 3 openings (1 water inlet and 2 water outlets) that gets screwed in place between the existing showerhead and shower arm, making it easier to connect a hand showerhead. Some models do have this valve included in the unit, but a few have it as a separate part.

  • Vertical slide bar comprises a vertical bar and a clip for holding a hand showerhead. It is installed on a shower wall and lets a shorter, taller, or a seated user for adjusting the shower head’s height.

  • Showerhead holder is a hook/bracket for holding a hand showerhead. It is an alternative to a vertical slide bar. With it, you can hang the showerhead while showering.

Telephone Shower

A handheld shower is also known as a telephone shower because it looks like a telephone. A telephone shower comes in a lot of different types and can involve a wide range of different parts that may be mixed-and-matched together in dissimilar ways. Look at the below-mentioned options for a telephone shower:

  • Replace existing showerhead:

In this type, you will need to unscrew the existing showerhead from the shower arm and then screw in a hand showerhead unit where the original showerhead existed in.

  • Replace an existing showerhead with a Handheld Showerhead and Slide Bar: 

Unscrew the existing showerhead and shower arm and then replace the shower arm with a short adapter pipe, screw the hose of the showerhead to the adapter pipe. After that, screw a vertical slide bar to the shower wall for holding the showerhead.

  • Replace Shower Arm and Showerhead:

If you want the hand showerhead and hose rest more level against the wall, then in place of the existing shower arm, you can use a shorter shower arm or adapter pipe. Then, screw a hand showerhead to the end of the new pipe.

  • Use a Hand Showerhead, Diverter Valve, and Slide Bar:

If you want to keep the above showerhead, using a diverter valve is the best option and it can be installed between the existing showerhead and shower arm. This way, it becomes possible to connect both the overhead shower head and hand shower head to the shower arm. Using a slide bar will help you hold the hand showerhead.

  • Use Bathtub Spout with Diverter Valve:

Replace the existing bathtub spout with one that has a diverter valve. Such units include an attachment point for a hand showerhead and a switch that assists you in selecting whether the water flows via the tub spout or the hand showerhead.

Jaquar Hand Shower

The most renowned brand in India that offers a variety of bathroom accessories and other items is Jaquar. The manufacturer has been in this sector for many years and is known for its quality and high-performance accessories. Showers designed by Jaquar deliver a range of experiences to people. Most people all over India love this brand because they get the liberty to choose a perfect fit for their homes every time they come across this brand. They offer overhead, body, and hand showers for meeting different needs of customers in India, which complement a wide range of shower systems. No matter what your unique showering habits, installation requirements, and design needs are, you will get anything you want.

Using the advanced technology by this brand delivers great accuracy and constant water distribution to each nozzle. They offer you a choice of five different flows that match your moods such as normal, soft, cascade, massage, and mist. Features of Jaquar hand showers are mentioned below:

  • Advanced Rubit Technology
  • Click Positioning System
  • Thermo Insulation
  • Jaquar Booster Technology

To know more about the particular specifications and features of a hand shower by this brand, visit online and seek their interesting options.

Hindware Hand Shower

Another brand is Hindware, which also gives a wide range of bathroom showers of different types. It is the topmost brand in India when it comes to sanitary ware and bathroom accessories or fittings. One can get a huge variety of sanitary ware products from this brand at affordable rates. This brand brings you an array of showerheads and showers, enhancing the overall design and appearance of your bathroom. Just know your preferences and needs for a handheld shower and then look online for its excellent options.

There are no quality issues linked to this brand because all of the sanitary ware, especially hand showers are made in a manner that goes beyond the quality standards in India. Check out the features of Hindware hand showers before buying them such as:

  • Location of On/Off Control
  • Grab bar or Vertical bar
  • Handle or Safety Straps
  • Showerhead Shape
  • Switches
  • Materials and finishes
  • Weight of the showerhead
  • Eco-friendly features like water conservation

Start with a proper understanding of your primary goal or needs regarding a bathroom shower so that you can have the best shower according to your budget. Go online and find the options provided by this brand in terms of affordability, quality, and variety.


Top 5 Best Glucometer in India 2023

Precise Guide Including Tips: - How To Buy the Best Glucometer in India?

Glucometers or say blood glucose meters are the small devices that are capable of measuring and displaying your blood glucose level.  These are the devices used by the people who suffer from diabetes.  If you are suffering from diabetes, then it is extremely important that you regularly check your diabetes and keep a record of it. This data is going to help your doctor suggest you with the dosage of medication that you need to take to control it.  Apart from glucose monitoring, you must also tell your doctor about your stress issues, the medication you are taking, exercise, food and several other factors that can affect blood glucose level. All this information is going to help your doctor make a tailored plan for you.

Best Glucometer in India

It is important that you are having the best glucose meter and the good news is that there are different types available.  There are basic models, Best Glucometer for Home use, the one that just read blood glucose levels to the models which are more advanced. Advanced meters are having features such as storing information and memory. It is easy to afford this computerized device and all can keep a check on their blood glucose levels with its use.  To take advantages of the  best device it is important that you know everything about it.

Using a blood glucose meter

Now you might have an idea what a glucometer is and what does it do, but the most important thing to learn about this device is how it works. If you are having diabetes, then by using the best glucometer you will be able to monitor your glucose levels on your own. It is going to be your best friend because it will help you in managing your diabetes symptoms. There are different types of, models available, but using them all is simple and will just take few minutes to give the results. All the models work in a similar way and detect the glucose level with instant outcomes. 

Using it!

You might have remembered your science class where you used to test with test strips and chemical reactions used to take place between the test strip chemicals and blood. It’s all about chemical reactions and the meter converts the current flowing from chemicals to the meter which converts this signal into a digital number, which is the result and is stored in your logbook.

  • It is likely that you get inaccurate reading and this happens when you are not using your meter accurately. There are few measures which you can take to avoid faults. Follow these 
  • Wash the area which you are going to use for a test. This will prevent dirt and other residues affect the results.
  • You must always keep testers in the container and away from sunlight and even extreme temperatures. If this happens they are going to get expired and will be useless. 
  • Do not apply too much blood or apply again and again 
  • Make sure that you read all the instructions about your device before you start using it. 
  • Even experts suggest that you completely know your device at first. This will help you in taking all the advantages of this device. 

These are the things that you must keep in your mind when you are looking for a meter or have already purchased it. Using glucometer does not need you to be a pro, but it is imperative that you are aware of the features and uses of your devices that you can use it for the best purpose Best Quality Glucometer in India is made for.

Top & Best Glucometer in India (List of Top 5 Glucometer)

There are many brand of Glucometer are present in Market therefore it become a very difficult task. Our team made easy for you. Here is we are providing Top 5 Glucometer list.

Note >> Most of Glucometer are not provide exact accurate reading they gives you little difference between reading of pathology labs. But It is very useful because you measure blood sugar at home.

1. Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit (Multicolor)

Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, It is most popular glucometer. It is very handy and very easy to use. It is very light weight device. It produce the result very fast (Couple of seconds) and accurate. It has facility of record the result for further reference. For checking blood sugar, need only one-two microliter blood drops.

>> It is very easy to use
>> It has very compact Design
>> It stores upto 350 results.
>> It is little difficult to use while using first time. But then, after it is very easy to use.

2. J&J OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Johnson & Johnson one of the most popular brand across the world. They produce this J&J OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer. It is very easy to use and no need to any coding and no any button driven interface. It is very easy to interface and very useful for daily use for diabetic patient. It gives more accurate results.

>> It doesn't require any setup
>> It has very simple method to test
>> No test data Storage

3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer is top wellness product by Dr Morepen. It has some advance biosensor technology. It is very easy to use. For testing the blood sugar you need only of 0.5 microlitre of blood. It is very quick to give you result within a 5 seconds.

>> It has large display
>> It store upto 300 test results.
>> It designed for home usage.
>> It quite difficult while using first time.

4. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor is certified as per International standards of blood glucose monitor. It is test strips with smart-scan technology. It require very tiny drop of blood to test blood sugar. It has decent look. It has Bluetooth feature which helps to store reading on mobile app.

>> It has slim design
>> It is as per International Standards
>> It is Expensive

5. Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Easy (Kit) Glucometer

It's another Glucometer from Johnson & Johnson. It's very good blood glucose monitoring system. It is very easy to take blood test. Use One Touc Ultra Easy Glucometer in simple 3 step. It stores nearly 500 reading. Use Laptop or PC to download all readings in Laptop or PC.

Features and advancements made

Glucometers have come a long way and today you will find that they are completely evolved. Today you are going to find many features and this makes it a completely hassle-free device. It displays the results of the test faster and it is also very easy to read. There are strips available on which you have to pour a drop n a particular area where a chemical is present. In some cases, you also need to read a code from the container.  For people with vision difficulties, there are devices with talking function and reminder alarms are also there.

There is glucometer available, which you can use in thighs and arm, where the piercing is less painful to draw blood. Modern technology has given us smarter meters and this has eased the troubles of the people suffering from diabetes. Glucometer can store huge amount of information and also additional where all the data can be graphed by the experts and analyzed give you the best treatment. Today there are also applications available which can be synchronized with your glucometer and Smartphone to connect them. Now you can share your data with anyone, have a track and your vital data accessible all the time.  All this help keeps the diabetic patients motivated and healthy.

Your pick

Now comes the matter of choosing best pick. As already mentioned there are plenty of models and types which you are going to get, but not all of them are going to fit the needs of the people because of the different choices and interest. The function is same, the working is also same, but the features and based upon it price is going to be different. If you have no idea, then it is suggested that you consult any expert or your friends, family or collogues who are using a glucometer for their needs. You must be choosing a device that can suit your needs as well as lifestyle s that you can keep a track on your diabetes issues. Using best glucometer means keeping track on the blood sugar level regularly and getting the best treatment from your doctors. The more you are able to teach about your health status the more solutions you a reliable to find to make it better. Here are few tips that will help you.

8 things to decide well

Whether it is going to be the first or it’s been years you are using a glucometer, it is still important to get the best upgrade or a new pick and Know the Best Glucometer in India.  You must be looking for these factors every time you purchase a glucometer. 

1. Follow expert advice

In your nurse or doctor have advised you to buy a particular brand, then do not ignore this tip because these are the people with huge experience and knows about these devices.

2. Cost is the vital factor

Cost is the most important thing that many will include on priority in the list. Not all the companies make superior gadgets with a high price tag. There are popular brands with a cost friendly tag and a glucometer that falls in the best category. There are strips, which are either sold with the meter or you can also buy them separately. 

3. Ease of use

When you are looking for a glucometer the first thing you must find out how easy it is to use. Not all the meters are going to work in a similar manner. They have different features and they also work differently. Look for the things like 
  • How many strips are required 
  • How easy it is to read the numbers
  • Is it easy to hold 
  • Is the pricking tool is easy to handle etc?  
4. Ease of reading numbers

Now, you must also look for the ease of reading the numbers. This can be trouble for elderly and they will need clear and big numbers. If you are purchasing glucometer or elderly, then it is important to look for this factor. It is also important that your meter gives a fast reading.  

5. Memory and storage

Your device must also have the capability of storing the readings. Even the most basic glucometer is going to come with this function. If not, then you must not buy it. Keeping the record is the most important thing. Instead of writing confusing numbers on the notepad, you can use this more streamlined gadget to do all the tough jobs of managing these numbers for you. So make sure to look for a device having a memory function.  

6. Easy maintenance

You might get a one with the challenging maintenance and will regret in future. Before anything wrong happens with your choice it is important that you evaluate and observe everything before you buy it.  The device should be easy to clean, to store, and to calibrate and also needs to be quick. This will help you in saving time.

7. How long to display reading

Time is valuable and the time you saved here is going to benefit you for the other daily tasks. A good glucometer is just going to take few minutes to display the readings. When you are testing several times a day even few seconds can add up to a lot.

8. Any special features

There are some people who take their glucometer everywhere they go and it is a wise thing to do. For travelling, you will need the compact option. In case you are not good at handling small things, then you might demand little bigger one. People who are having vision issues will need a device with talking function.  Like this, there are several other features and if you are having demands of any special feature, then you must look for them. Look for the features like
  • Backlit screens for low visibility
  • Audio capability
  • Diverse handling capabilities such as having USB meter and strips that can be stored inside the meter.
  • Meters can  also record insulin doses and carbohydrate grams
  • Meters can also record ketone levels

Now you are aware of the many things that will steer your search in the right direction when you are looking for a Best Glucometer in India. There are many popular brands such as
  • Accu-Chek
  • Johnson and Johnson 
  • Dr.Morepen
  • Bayer contour 
There are many other popular Indian brands, which are not just offering you with a glucometer, but different models with a variety of features. Online you will be able to compare them by taking the aid of this precise guide, reading the reviews, ratings and other things that interest you. All the brands are having something unique and best to offer so make sure that you take a smart decision. There are precise glucometer reviews as well comparison of Best Glucometer in India 2017 available on the web. All this colossal amount of literature is going to assist you in making the best decision. 

You know how important role this device is having in your life so make sure to choose the best. You can also buy them online with precise guides and information. Online you will get all the brands at one place and it will also be delivered at your doorstep which means convenience assured with its purchase.

Best Sandwich Maker in India 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On Purchasing A Best Sandwich Maker!

There is nothing going to be more satisfying than having a warm sandwich at any point of the time.  Whether your stomach is growling at the midnight or asking for a brunch in the evening, a sandwich is enough to stop those irritating hunger pangs. The sandwich is healthy and delicious, but it is important that you are having a good quality sandwich maker. In Indian kitchens, you are going to find a sandwich maker or sure. This is due to the fact that it not only makes your bread tastier but also edible for consuming. The majority of the professionals and individuals looking for quick toasted bread in the sandwich maker for their breakfast. So before you start chasing this useful electronic gadget there are few important things that you must learn first.  Here in this guide, you will find discussions of the topics like what it is, tips to buy the best sandwich maker, features of the best sandwich maker in India and much more.

Best Sandwich Maker in India

Technical aspects of a sandwich maker

There are two concave, hinged, plates infused, square metal plates with long handles incorporated in it.  It holds four slice capacity and its plates are made of a non-sticky material which means they are very easy to clean after repeated use as well. Today there is some best sandwich maker available, which are also having grilling function. The plates are made with the durable aluminium material which offers the best functionality. The mechanism of this gadget is extremely simple. There are coils which are infused into plates and surface.  Sandwich makers are light weight and portable. You can carry them around with any hassle.

Sandwiches are healthy for health because they are stuffed with good food stuff like veggies and meat as well. Some like to have plain or untoasted and for all, there is only one thing that can bring a healthy sandwich on your plate and that is a good sandwich maker. For an instant delicious sandwich, you will need a sandwich maker. Definitely you have one in your kitchen, but are you actually using it? Many just dump their old sandwich press in the less used part of the kitchens and totally forget about them. This is the time that you replace your old sandwich maker with the new one. Before guiding you about the best sandwich press shopping here are some of the benefits that will push you more.

1. Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster (Amazon Bestseller)

Prestige is one of the most popular name in Kitchenware. Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toster; it came under best seller Sandwich Maker on Amazon India. It came with both Sandwich and Grilling facility. It has Non-stick fixed gill plates which make ease to making sandwich. It came with 800 watts power consumption which is very important temperature while grilling. It has con-stick coating; it helps to use less oil.

>> It has average cost
>> It has very easy to use
>> It has non-stick heating plate
>> It is duo (Sandwich maker and Grilling)
>> Build in quality is very good
>> It is useful for only small breads

2. Nova NGS 2449 1000-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker (Editor's Choice)
Nova NGS 2449 1000-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker; It has both functions like toasting and grilling. It makes very delicious sandwiches. It operated on 1000 watts. It has non-stick Grill plates. Don't worry about the burning sandwiches because you get a indicator. It has non-stick coating. It has heat resistant body which make safer to use. It auto turn-off when sandwich cooked properly.

>> It has Non Stick Coating
>> At a time you grill 2 slices of bread
>> It heats up quickly
>> Power Cord is small

3. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker
Philips another brand-able name in Electronics products. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker came with some advance feature like Easy push down lock system. It has feature like Compact Storage (You can store vertically). Size of this Sandwich Maker is little small than above two sandwich maker, but it is very durable. Cleaning is very easy.

>> It is light Weight
>> Compact Storage
>> It has special feature like "easy push-down lock system"
>> Length of power cable is short.

4. Morphy Richards SM3006 750-Watt Sandwich Maker
Morphy Richards SM3006 750-watt sandwich maker having two sandwich making slot where you make a 4 piece of sandwich at a time. It is only sandwich maker not a toaster. You don't able to make grilled sandwiches. It has feature having Neon Ready to cook Indicators therefore it allows toasting within a minutes. It is very compact.

>> It has non-stick plates
>> It is very compact
>> Neon Ready-to-Cook Indicators
>> No Grilling option.

5. Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Bajaj, one of the most trusted brand in India. Bajaj gives you lots of features under very price. This Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750Watt Grill Toaster having very good quality. it has non-stick grill plates which makes easy to make sandwich. It has many features at low cost. It has ready-to-cook neon indicators features which is very useful.

>> It has cool touch body
>> It has base support for better stability
>> It has thermal fuse for extra safety
>> Power Cord length is very short

Benefits of the best sandwich maker 

Many people think that this appliance is insignificant and small, but underestimate its real capability and benefits that this handy appliance holds. Here are some of the benefits that a goods and witch maker offers you with and you can pick these benefits as any one reason to why you must have this appliance in your kitchen.

Quick and easy way to get homemade toast

It takes just an instance to make a sandwich in this appliance. It is going to give you quality and homemade toast within minutes. Earlier when this appliance was non-existing people who had a desire to eat toast had to slave over a stove or had to wait for the oven to get heated up, which was a colossal hassle in their lives. But with the advancement of the electronics, we have sandwich maker which quickly prepares toast and can make a variety of sandwiches.

Multiple functions

Today you are going to see that all the best brands are offering different types of sandwich makers and some of them are extremely advanced. These devices can perform multiple functions. The best feature is double as grill indoor which is convenient for many reasons. Cleaning, salving, heating over grill can be frustrating sometimes, but if indoor grills are there, then it can be easy and quick, shine or rain. The best brand will guarantee you with healthy cooking. Some models are also having a small sized bowl present at one end that removes the trapped grease. This feature makes the food healthy.

Detachable parts

The appliance is also easy to clean. Most brands offer detachable parts so that cleaning can be done. These are removed and can easily be detached as well. Sometimes you can also use them for outside grilling. You can remove them and clean individually which keeps your device much more cleanly as compared to those with parts that cannot be removed. Keep this factor in mind while you shop for a good sandwich maker. It is such a small device that it can be easily stored in any part of the kitchen. 
These are the advantages of having a good quality sandwich maker. The best part is that there are several good brands offering models that can prove valuable for many. Now with so many varieties comes confusion. Here is the guide follows that will learn you about how to purchase the best sandwich press.

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Purchasing a good sandwich maker

A good quality sandwich maker will let you prepare less oily and healthy breakfast easily and quickly. You are going to find many different models and all of them are created in a different manner. Each model is going to provide different experiences of making sandwiches. So if you are going to choose blindly you might end up purchasing the one that does not suit your interest perfectly. Therefore, follow this guide and make sure that you get a great appliance.

Different types: - There are two different types of sandwich maker which are 

>> Four Triangles: There are 4 plates that are in triangular shaped within. There is one handle which is excellent for making grilled sandwiches. 

>> Panini Press: It is a good replacement for griddle and toaster. There are two plates on the bottom and top, which creates the food with heat. 

Size you need

It is going to depend upon the size of your family. How many sandwiches are you going to make at a time? There are large size models also available and you are going to get versatile options when it comes to sizes. It is important that you choose an appropriate sized.

Surface types

If you are going to buy a cheap product then it is going to have cast iron surface that cannot provide non-sticky cooking. Teflon surface is easy to clean and use.  You must look for the one with a surface that can provide long lasting durability. It also needs to easy to clean so that you can get hygienic cooking.

Handle types

 It is important that you check the handle of your appliance. Avoid purchasing plastic and choose steel. Plastic cause hindrance and disturbs your cooking.


Price is another factor and here you must be buying a sandwich maker that is full of quality and affordable in price. No need to worry as there are such appliances.

Other factors
  • The nonsticky surface is a must because it is going to prevent the bread from sticking and melting cheese sticking to the surface.
  • It should be dishwashing safe appliance
  • It should be having removable grill plates 
  • Adjustable thermostat and should have numerous settings options. This will let you help in making sandwich the way you desire like how much crisp you want it to be
  • Floating hinges will be a good option as it is associated with the thickness and size of your sandwich.

Why you need a good sandwich maker?

Today you are going to find a various modern sandwich press that is ideal for making tasty sandwiches for all the 3 important meals of the day. You can use your own creative abilities to make a delicious and healthy sandwich using this essential electronic device in a kitchen. You just have to heat on the appliance, put sandwiches inside and within few seconds or minutes a delicious sandwich is served on your plate. You can also use grilling options and get the maximum thickness. For all these reasons you will need a modern device.

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How to use it?

It is important that you know how to use your appliance for safe and long term use.  With your appliance, you are also going to get manual. On the other hand, you must also know how to clean it so that you can keep it clean. Here is a guide that will guide you on using your sandwich maker.
  • First of all, you must clean the plates before using it. Use a moist towel or cloth.
  • Now brush the toasting areas with cooking oil or butter as you like.
  • Heat the sandwich press and meanwhile, you can prepare your filling.
  • You can use several things like meat, cheese, potatoes, tomato, fried vegetables for filling.  You can make it healthier by putting more veggies like lettuce. 
  • Now place the bread with filling in the appliance and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Make sure that you have locked it properly.
  • Serve hot, delicious  and healthy sandwich
Everyone, even kids loves to have sandwiches with their favorite filling. No one can say no to a nicely prepared sandwich in a quality appliance. It gives more taste and can fulfill your hunger instantly.  These days you are going to find dozens of best brands such as 
  • Wonder chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  • Prestige
  • Philips
  • Bajaj
These brands are also having different models and you can pick the one that suits your budget as well as interest. When it comes to Best Sandwich maker in India there are plenty of good choices out there.

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How much they Cost?

First of all, there is good news for you; these appliances are not expensive. These appliances belong to different brands and all of them are having different features and this is what decides the cost. From minimum to maximum price tag you can get them. It is advised that you pick up a model from a reliable brand because it is going to give you hassle free cooking, fast cooking and easy cleaning like features. Overall, sandwich makers are quite affordable. 

Where to buy them?

You can either choose to buy it from your nearby electronic store or you can save your time and buy it online.  Online buying is having its own good benefits and this is the reason why many are ordering them online. Yes, you can trust online stores. Just make sure to shop for a reliable one. Online you will be able to get a good amount of information about these devices. You will be able to compare the features and price as well. This way getting it will be convenient and easy. Online there are chances to get discounts and free gifts. At the time of occasions, you are going to get best deals. Look for the best-rated appliances at Amazon, Flipkart, and other alike retail stores. They are going to deliver it at your doorstep.