Best Hand Shower in India 2023

Best Hand Shower in India 2023: What To Opt For?

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the amazing things people do often. There are different things that we can change in our bathrooms to enhance the overall look and design. One of the things is installing a bathroom shower or changing an old one. Ask anyone who has never redecorated a bathroom and they think that all bathroom showers are similar. But it is not the case with every shower you see because there is a huge variety of bathroom showers available in the Indian market. It all depends on you which type of shower you will consider for your bathroom considering the available space, budget, interests, and preferences.

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Best Hand Shower in India

Hand Showers

Are you interested in getting the most from your shower experience? If yes, then a Hand Shower is the best way to do this. These are handheld units attaching to your shower wall through a long rubber hose and the best part is that these can be simply removed to direct the spray of water in whatever direction you want it. Another exciting thing is that these showers are suitable for environment lovers, as these can help to conserve both energy and water without sacrificing the water pressure used to maintain your comfort and cleanliness.

These showers can also be installed without extensive refinishing or demo just like a regular fixed showerhead. Still not convinced about having a handheld shower in your bathroom? Learn the interesting reasons that may force you to have just a perfect upgrade:

  • Give a spa-like experience at Home :
These units provide a chance to get a spa-like experience in homes. As these provide a great sense of comfortability and flexibility, these are the best alternatives to massagers. There are multiple settings in handheld showers, making your bathroom look like a spa taking care of your needs and preferences. With a handheld shower, one can easily control the direction of the water, ease sore muscles after a workout, eliminate the need of struggling while rinsing the shampoo out of hair, or getting difficulty in clearing out the soap foam in hard-to-reach places. These are also best for women while shaving their legs, bathing while keeping hairs dry, etc. 

  • Conserving Water and Energy :
Hand showers are helpful to conserve water easily as there is no need to put a shower on all the time. You can direct water only wherever required. This way, it will also reduce the cost of energy to heat this water. You can use a shut-off switch available on the handle in some models, making conservation of water easy.

  • Cleaning Pets and Kids: A Hand Shower :

It is also beneficial for cleaning kids and pets. No need to send your pets to the groomer, just do it at your home. When it comes to kids, these showers also make them feel comfortable without heavy spray and noise. Not only, watering plants and washing other household items can also be done using handheld showers.

  • Ideal for Elderly or Disabled People:

While fixed showerheads can’t be lowered or raised, handheld showers have a hose ranging from 3-6 feet or more. For those using a shower seat due to any reason, the long hose on these showers makes them an ideal option. This way, disabled or elderly people can retain their independence, mobility, and safety while accessing bathing easily and doing other things as well.

Kohler - 16359IN-A-CP Hand Shower

Do you want a handheld shower unit that is suitable for everyday use regardless of the family size? If yes, then this model from Kohler offers a wider coverage spray that can be used on a regular basis. In this package, you will get a hand shower unit with a hose. Its ergonomic design seems to be very comfortable. The best part is that it can be easily held in hands due to its comfortable grip. It has a MasterClean spray face that is also easy to clean.

The presence of Hand Shower Bracket 9038IN-CP in this unit helps to make the wall-mount installation simpler and quicker. It can also be utilized with Slide bars. Its finishes help to prevent corrosion and tarnishing. This way, it exceeds industry durability standards by two times. Hence, make this hand shower a part of your bathroom and experiences a new bathing experience.

Hindware F160080CP Hand Shower

If you want to have a durable hand shower for your bathroom, then getting this model is an ideal one. It is available in chrome color with an ABS material. This model is a one-piece three Flow Head Shower along with a pressing switch ABS of 150mm. you will get 12 years warranty on the product from the company. In addition, it also provides you with long-lasting shine and easy water flow. Get ready to drench in the enriching sensation with these unique and bold showers. Showers from this brand are created particularly to offer you a smooth water flow while making you feel like a sauna every time. 

There is one faucet included in the package. It is resistant to corrosion. Its spray patterns will give you a massage-like experience. So, what are you waiting for? Just install it in your bathroom to get a modern look and feel.

Hand Shower for Bathroom

A handheld or hand shower is simply a showerhead comprises of a long, flexible hose along with a showerhead linked at one end. When it comes to the other end, it is attached to an adjoining water outlet that can include the water supply for the tub spout, a standard showerhead, or a sink faucet.

While choosing a handheld shower for your bathroom, there are a surprising number of options in terms of its different styles and types. The key difference is that these showers are designed to be linked (bathtub spout, shower arm, diverter valve, or sink faucet) and in the sort of parts involved with the unit. It is important to realize the parts before picking the best option for your home. Apart from the hose and the showerhead, there are 4 other parts, including diverter valve, shower arm, shower head holder, and vertical slide bar. These are:

  • Shower arm is the piece of pipe that attaches a regular above showerhead to the bathroom wall. It has threads situated on both ends of the pipe.

  • 3-way diverter valve is a small piece of connector pipe with 3 openings (1 water inlet and 2 water outlets) that gets screwed in place between the existing showerhead and shower arm, making it easier to connect a hand showerhead. Some models do have this valve included in the unit, but a few have it as a separate part.

  • Vertical slide bar comprises a vertical bar and a clip for holding a hand showerhead. It is installed on a shower wall and lets a shorter, taller, or a seated user for adjusting the shower head’s height.

  • Showerhead holder is a hook/bracket for holding a hand showerhead. It is an alternative to a vertical slide bar. With it, you can hang the showerhead while showering.

Telephone Shower

A handheld shower is also known as a telephone shower because it looks like a telephone. A telephone shower comes in a lot of different types and can involve a wide range of different parts that may be mixed-and-matched together in dissimilar ways. Look at the below-mentioned options for a telephone shower:

  • Replace existing showerhead:

In this type, you will need to unscrew the existing showerhead from the shower arm and then screw in a hand showerhead unit where the original showerhead existed in.

  • Replace an existing showerhead with a Handheld Showerhead and Slide Bar: 

Unscrew the existing showerhead and shower arm and then replace the shower arm with a short adapter pipe, screw the hose of the showerhead to the adapter pipe. After that, screw a vertical slide bar to the shower wall for holding the showerhead.

  • Replace Shower Arm and Showerhead:

If you want the hand showerhead and hose rest more level against the wall, then in place of the existing shower arm, you can use a shorter shower arm or adapter pipe. Then, screw a hand showerhead to the end of the new pipe.

  • Use a Hand Showerhead, Diverter Valve, and Slide Bar:

If you want to keep the above showerhead, using a diverter valve is the best option and it can be installed between the existing showerhead and shower arm. This way, it becomes possible to connect both the overhead shower head and hand shower head to the shower arm. Using a slide bar will help you hold the hand showerhead.

  • Use Bathtub Spout with Diverter Valve:

Replace the existing bathtub spout with one that has a diverter valve. Such units include an attachment point for a hand showerhead and a switch that assists you in selecting whether the water flows via the tub spout or the hand showerhead.

Jaquar Hand Shower

The most renowned brand in India that offers a variety of bathroom accessories and other items is Jaquar. The manufacturer has been in this sector for many years and is known for its quality and high-performance accessories. Showers designed by Jaquar deliver a range of experiences to people. Most people all over India love this brand because they get the liberty to choose a perfect fit for their homes every time they come across this brand. They offer overhead, body, and hand showers for meeting different needs of customers in India, which complement a wide range of shower systems. No matter what your unique showering habits, installation requirements, and design needs are, you will get anything you want.

Using the advanced technology by this brand delivers great accuracy and constant water distribution to each nozzle. They offer you a choice of five different flows that match your moods such as normal, soft, cascade, massage, and mist. Features of Jaquar hand showers are mentioned below:

  • Advanced Rubit Technology
  • Click Positioning System
  • Thermo Insulation
  • Jaquar Booster Technology

To know more about the particular specifications and features of a hand shower by this brand, visit online and seek their interesting options.

Hindware Hand Shower

Another brand is Hindware, which also gives a wide range of bathroom showers of different types. It is the topmost brand in India when it comes to sanitary ware and bathroom accessories or fittings. One can get a huge variety of sanitary ware products from this brand at affordable rates. This brand brings you an array of showerheads and showers, enhancing the overall design and appearance of your bathroom. Just know your preferences and needs for a handheld shower and then look online for its excellent options.

There are no quality issues linked to this brand because all of the sanitary ware, especially hand showers are made in a manner that goes beyond the quality standards in India. Check out the features of Hindware hand showers before buying them such as:

  • Location of On/Off Control
  • Grab bar or Vertical bar
  • Handle or Safety Straps
  • Showerhead Shape
  • Switches
  • Materials and finishes
  • Weight of the showerhead
  • Eco-friendly features like water conservation

Start with a proper understanding of your primary goal or needs regarding a bathroom shower so that you can have the best shower according to your budget. Go online and find the options provided by this brand in terms of affordability, quality, and variety.



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