Best Mixer Grinder in India 2023

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Best Mixer Grinder in India

There are many essential appliances which you are going to find in the Indian kitchens and one of them is mixer grinder.  Without the grinder, you cannot even think about cooking food as per your choice.  There are many things, which a good mixer grinder can do such as making chutneys, grinding spices and making shakes.  If you have decided to purchase a new mixer grinder, then there are many necessary things, which you need to consider.  This guide is going to help you in getting precise knowledge that will help you in buying a good mixer grinder.  There are many brands and best mixer grinder in India and these features will shrink down the options.

>>> >> List of Top 5 Mixer Grinder and Comparison given Below

Mixer size

There are several sizes available from which you can choose the one that fits your needs.  For the family, the trick is to find the ideal size.  If you are living all alone, then a small sized mixer is going to be enough.  There will be blades, few jars of small sizes and machine.  If you have a huge family or have constant guests visit, then big sizes mixer will be a great investment.

Jars available

Jars are the vessels, which come along the machine and in which you can make powder or paste with raw materials.  There are different blades also available and with them, you can grind, mix, and make paste, whip, beat and mince the food.

The Cost

There are different brands available in India and you can choose anyone of them. The cost is also going to depend on the brand and it can vary between 1000 Rs to 5000 Rs and this will also depend on several factors.  You must also check the warranty period, services available and material type.  There are cheap mixer grinders also available, but investing in branded one will give you warranty and guaranty.  There are discounts also available on the grinders.

Comparison of Best Mixer Grinder in India


Bajaj Rex 500-Watt
Philips HL7510/00 550 W
Prestige Stylo 750 750 W

Preethi Crown MG-205 500 W
Butterfly Matchless 750
Mixer Grinder

Stylo 750
Crown MG-205
W x H x D (In CM)
21.59 x 25.4 x 31.24
20.3 x 30.8 x 35.3
25 x 31 x 37
24 x 22 x 24.892
30.48 x 33.02 x 53.34
Total Jars
Buy Now

Benefits of buying a mixer grinder

After you go through all these factors like brand and size now it is time to search in the local market.  You can also purchase Best Mixer Grinder in India online.  Consider all the options and then choose the best one. Online you are going to find different brands at one place.  You will also be able to do a comparison and look at the ratings.  There are features explained along with the picture. Online decision making is easy and the product is also delivered at your doorstep.

When we are living such a paced life saving even few minutes can be relieving.  Here comes the technology and there are so many gadgets that relieve our tasks.  Mixer grinder is one of them and there are many benefits of having a premium quality mixer grinder in your kitchen.

Variety in food preparation

The device can help you in preparing several dishes because they can whip, mix and grind things.  You can make the dough; you can make spices and can dice, slice and grind food items.  This way you save huge energy, time and effort when you have a mixer grinder in your kitchen.

Easily accommodate food

These are versatile appliances and there are many things, which you can make out of it. You can make milk shakes, milk shakes and ice cream. You can also grind and chop things and accommodate a huge amount of food in less space.  You can chop down meat, nuts, vegetables and fruits and store them in air tight boxes and make space for other food items.

Ease of use

Grinders are very easy to use.  There are many options when it comes to home mixer grinder.  They can be used for various food processes and are extremely simple to use.  There are different blades which can be used in different processes.
These are the advantages which you are going to get when you choose the best mixer grinder in India brand.  It is definite that you are going to get confused when choosing a brand.  Here is one recommendation that might work for you.

Top & Best Mixer Grinder in India (List of Top 5 Mixer Grinder)

You are looking for the Best Mixer Grinder in India with Top 5 List then here we are going to give to List of Top 5 Mixer Grinder with their Review

Note:: From few of high watts Mixer Grinder, you get a burning smell when you start your mixer grinder first time. Don't worry about it. It happens only first time because of Motor varnish getting heated 1st time. If it happens again and again then contact to Service Centre.

1. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Editor's Choice)
Preethi is one of the oldest brand in Kitchen Appliances in India. (Before Preethi, is was known as Maya Appliances). You think that Why this Preethi Blue Leaf Dimond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder came into Editor's Choice because it has many good qualities including heavy Motor, highest quality of performance. It has full of Shock Proof Plastic Body. You can control this Mixer Grinder at various speed of Operation. You get different types of Stainless Steel Jars to perform different operations. It has very powerful Stainless Steel Blades which grind toughest ingredients very easily.
>> It has Powerful Motor of 750Watts
>> It came with 100% Stainless Steel Jars and Blades
>> It has Flexi Lid
>> Shock Proof Plastic Body
>> It operates of three different Speed.
>> There is some little Noise because of It's 750Watts Motor
>> Cost is comparatively high

>> >> Detailed Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder Review

2. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (Amazon Best Seller)
Bajaj is one of the trusted brand all over India. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars, it came in Best Seller Category in Amazon. It came with 500 Watt Motor with Motor Overload Protector. It came along with 3 different types of Jars. It's two in One means It can use as a Mixer Grinder as well as juicer. Bajaj Rex 500 Watt is basic and Cheap Model. It came with lots of features at very low price.
>> Budget Mixer Grinder
>> Two-in-One (Mixer Grinder and Juicer)
>> Anti Skid Feet
>> Rust Proof Plastic Body
>> Old Style Design
>> Speed adjustment knob is not as quality as.

>> >> Detailed Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder Review

3. Prestige Stylo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
Prestiage Stylo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder runs on Most of powerful Motor of 750 Watts. It has very stylish as well as very compact design. It has few awesome features like LED Power Indicator, Water drain Outlet. It used for Tough Grinding because it has very powerful blades with 750 Watt Motor.
>> Powerful Motor
>> Durable Design and Utility
>> Water Drain Facility
>> It has 3 Stainless Steel Multi purpose blades
>> Little Noise because powerful Motor

>> >> Detailed Prestige Stylo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder Review

4. Butterfly Matchless 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Matchless 750-watt Mixer Grinder has very beautiful and Elegant design which enrich your Kitchen Value. If you are going to purchase this Mixer Grinder then don't need to buy Juicer separately because It came with one Juicer Jar. It has 3 speed rotary switch and LED indicator. This product came with 3 years Warranty. It has shockproof body.
>> Two-in-one (Mixer Grinder and Juicer both feature)
>> It has Compact and Sturdy design.
>> Elegant Design
>> International Design
>> It is costly.

5. Philips Cooper HL7510/00 550-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars
Philips is another well known brand in Kitchen Appliances. It is well and popular product in Mixer Grinder Range. It has very robus ABS body. It has especial feature like Auto cut off for Overload Protection. It fits quickly in your Kitchen with small space because of it's compact design.
>> It has Compact Design
>> Ergonomically
>> Robust ABS Body
>> Very difficult to clean

Bajaj mixer
In Indian kitchens, you are going to find different types of spices, vegetables, and food preparations.  There are different ingredients used in kitchens.  Indian kitchens hugely depend upon the mixer grinders and it makes work easier.  The heavy efforts can be eased with mixer grinder. There are numerous brands, which you are going to get in the market.  If you want to pick a real good option, than Bajaj Mixer Grinder is just designed for Indians.

Why Bajaj?

Bajaj is a very popular electronic appliance company in India.  The company manufactures a wide range of products and catering both Indians and international customers. The company produces a different range of products. There are different mixer grinders available with the company. They produce products that can easily fit in the middle-class families of India. They fully take care of the needs of their customers.  You can find reliable and premium quality mixer grinder with the Bajaj Company.

Why Kenstar?

Kenstar appliances are also very popular and have good ratings.  You get r mixer grinder that is a well-known product of the company. If you have to do heavy grinding or mixing job, then this will do the job perfectly.  It is having 70 to 500-watt power mixer grinders to choose from.  It can grind dry spices, make chutneys and also make shakes.  There are different accessories available in the box.  In case you are not satisfied with this one, then you can go for the next option.

Why Philips?

Philips Mixer Grinders having 500 and more watts power. It is a heavy one.  It can totally fulfill the demands of the modern and busy kitchen demands.  There are different types of accessories available in the package such as the wet grinding blade, speed rotary three pieces, stainless steel blades etc.

There are several buying options, which you are going to get.  There are several other brands, which you are going to find. The comparison is very important so make sure to explore as many as you can. It is important because there are several superior models available at cost effective prices.  You definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity.  Now comes the question of where to buy the best mixer grinder in India from the huge brands.  The best place is online.

Shop for your Grinder Online

You will get all the models of different brands under one roof. Moreover online you will also get many opportunities to get discounts.  Electronic sales are the most common ones online.  Enjoy heavy discounts. You can compare features, have a glance at the ratings, compare the price and get the product delivered at your doorstep. Today everyone is shopping online because of the ease, cost effectiveness, and convenience.  Online you also get cash on delivery and you can also get your money back, replace the product and much more is on the list.

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Tips to take care of your Mixer Grinder

Now that you are aware how important mixer grinder is in your kitchen it is also important that you take care of your appliance.  There are several tasks, which it is going to perform. It is going to be busy during getting together and occasion times.  So you must keep them clean and hygienic all the time.  If you don’t know how to take proper care of your mixer, then follow these tips.
  • Make sure that the locks of the grinders are properly locked before you use it.  If not then it can affect the blades.
  • Never grind or mix hot things in the grinder. Always allow items to cool first.
  • While grinding always place your hand tightly on the jar
  • Do not start or shut the appliance at high speed as it is going to make huge pressure. Always start with the slow speed and avoid using full speed.  This is also going to increase the life of your grinder. 
  • Always keep the liquid half in the jar. Never fill it fully because it will not mix and grind things properly.  If you want fine granules, then keep the jar empty a little bit.
  • After using your grinder, clean it properly, dry it well and then back it back in lean box or cloth. 
  • Always keep it away from the reach of the children.
  • Never use your grinder continuously. The switch of the plug after 15-20 minutes, give it a break and then start again.
  • After grinding chutneys clean the blades properly
  • After finishing your work remove the plug first and then take off the jar.  The current is still flowing.
These are the simple and easy tips, which you will have to consider and this will increase the life of your grinder.

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