Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2023

Make The Best Investment For A Kitchen Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Kitchen chimneys are now an important part of the modern home because they can eliminate odors, smoke and smells from the kitchens. They can also absorb vapors and push them out of the vent. These chimneys are having a different suction capacity and the one with the high capacity can also work effectively for the food that involves a lot of frying and steaming.

Chimneys are like any other assets and are available in different models and sizes. They incorporate charcoal filters, which is the main component and assist in the absorbing process. To get the Best Kitchen Chimney in India, you should know about the types of the chimneys available.

You might not know that the gas, smoke, and residues in the kitchen are harmful to your health. If you install a kitchen chimney it is going to ensure that there are no unpleasant smells in your kitchen and it is also kept smoke free. There are 4 basic types which are
  • Convertible range hoods
  • Ductless hoods
  • Ducted hoods
  • Vented hoods
Before you start shopping for the one for your kitchen’s it is important that you look around and gain some knowledge about them. This way you are going to find the Best Kitchen Chimney in India for your kitchens. This will also help you in finding, which kitchen chimney is going to fit in your budget. You can also read the reviews of the brands and compare them.  You are also going to find ratings and comparison online that will help you in choosing the best.

Top & Best Kitchen Chimney in India (List of Top 5 Kitchen Chimneys)

Here we are going to provide the List of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India with discount and deals links provided with Amazon and Flipkart.

Note :: Almost all Kitchen Chimneys installation cost is separately. You need to pay extra charges for that. 

1. Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Nevio 90,Silver) (Editor's Choice)

Hindware is little well know name in India for Kitchen Appliances. Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney, it was very good chimney to use in kitchen. It control with 3 speed touch button. It has Auto Clean facility when you want to clean oil formed inside then press single touch and it will be clean. It has very powerful motor of 180W and having high suction capacity.
>> It has powerful Motor
>> Easy to Clean
>> It has Soft Touch Control
>> It has Oil Collector
>> Little Noise because of Powerful Motor
>> Installation Charges Extra

2. Elica Kitchen Chimney (Escg Bf 60 Nero) (Amazon Best Seller)
Elica Kitchen Chimney (Escg Bf 60 Nero), it came under the Best Seller category of Amazon. It came with low budget Chmney but looks Stylish. It makes very low noise. It has powerful Perimetric Suction. It having ultra shiny steel panels. No doubt about the product but little problem with installation service. It has high quality filters (Baffle Filter)
>> Low Noise Level
>> Powerful Perimetric Suction
>> No Free  Installation (Appox. Rs 500 to Rs 1200)
>> Exhaust Pipe is not included

3. Bright Flame Flame Kitchen Chimney - Z-Black 1100M3/Hr & Lifetime Warranty,Black

Bright Flame Flame Kitchen Chimney - Z-Black 1100M3, It came with combination of Mesh and Baffle Filter. It has Pyramid shaped, wall mounted Kitchen Chimney.
>> Noise Level is less
>> Low Price
>> Not up to expected quality

4. Glen 6062 Kitchen Chimney Stainless Steel - 60 Cm, Airflow 1000 m3/hr

Glen 6062 Kitchen Chimney Stainless Steel, It is sleek looks. It has very Modern and attractive look in all of Kitchen Chimneys. It has Baffle Filter. It has 3 Push buttons. It has Italian motor. It made up of Glass and Stainless Steel.
>> Stylish and Modern Design
>> Italian Motor
>> Installation Charges will be Extra

5. Pigeon Sterling DLX/60 Wall Mounted Chimney

It's another Kitchen Chimney "Pigeon Sterling DLX/60 Wall Mounted Chimney". It designed for modern kitchen. It has silk and glossy stainless Steel body. Size of this Kitchen Chimney is 60cm. It has 3 press buttons. It has baffle Filter.
>> Light Weight
>> Good Motor
>> Visual Quality is Poor
>> Installation charges Extra

Why you need a chimney in your kitchen?

In Indian kitchen's you are going to get loads of different smells, cooking and much more happening.  Certainly, the delicious aromas are delightful for the senses, but on the other hand, unpleasant smells can make you puke or make you rush out of the house. Exhaust fans were used earlier, but they are slow and also ineffective against smells. They are just used to remove smoke from the kitchen areas.

Here comes the role of chimneys. These are powerful and much more effective. They not only get space get rid of smoke or unpleasant smells, but also hazardous carbon oxide coming out of your gas and other electric appliances in the kitchen that emit gas or toxins.
Electric chimneys

To choose the Best Kitchen Chimney in India, the first and foremost thing to decide on what type of chimney you require depending on many factors. Chimneys are installed right over the stove and even the slightest fragrances and smells are going to leave your kitchen immediately. You will have a smokeless kitchen after using these chimneys.

They also save your eyes from getting irritated with spices when cooked and oils.  There are two types of the chimney are which falls in the electrical category and they are a designer and traditional. Traditional chimney’s offers performance and designer chimneys are having both performance and look.  For Indian kitchens, it is advised that people should invest in the chimney’s having a high suction capacity because of heavy frying and loads of spices used in India.

The best ones are not at all bulky the way you might have imagined it. The premium quality chimney is made using stainless steel and they are very much sleek and can perfect for your modern kitchens.  There are two filters and it is in a conical shape. The filters are made of grass and charcoal and make minimum noise. If you invest in the best brand you are going to get a lifetime warranty.

Steel chimneys

Steel chimney is also the Best Kitchen Chimney in India opted by many homeowners. They are designed in such a way that they can serve you for many upcoming years.  There are both ductless and ducted versions available in which you can invest in.

They are also available with different features. Before you buy any chimney, make sure that you compare the features, prices and other offers. There are loads of options available and you are definitely going to find a brand that can serve all your needs. Available in both conventional and contemporary styles chimneys are becoming an integral part of the Indian kitchen. There are superior Indian brands offering a wide range of kitchen chimney models. There are many popular brands such as
  • Siemens
  • Hardware
  • Glen
  • Faber
  • Cater
  • Sunflame and many others
The best part of exploring your choices with these popular brands is that you get a plethora of varieties.  With Faber along you are going to get 42 varieties of chimneys to suit your needs and budget. The price ranges from Rs 4000 to one lakh.  With these brands, you are also going to get several services like installation and cleaning.  There are many reasons why you must be investing in the Best Kitchen Chimney in India of high-quality. Start getting into detail for what factors affect the selection of a good quality chimney for your kitchen. These factors are:

Type of the filter to look for

To function a chimney properly, a filter has a great role. It has a function to trap the oil and remain the air clean as well as fresh during cooking. According to the type of the material and construction, they are divided into various categories, such as aluminum mesh filter, and baffle filter.

Aluminum mesh filter comprises of 3 to 7 layers made of either stainless steel or aluminum mesh. It is the best for purification process. The layers contained in it are helpful to remain the oil and grease particles, which leave the smoke to cross through without any hassle. The maintenance levels are too high in this type of filter as it retains grease that results in the reduction of the suction capacity.

When it comes to the baffle filter, it is designed as an enhancement over the aluminum mesh filter. It is known to be more effective than others. It has multiple curved based panels that give efficient air movements. The smoke will be flown easily without a restrain by keeping oil and grease. It has a little cleaning and maintenance feature that needs to be done once every 3 to 4 months. It is good to go for a chimney that possesses a detachable baffle filter. The reason is that it does not need any technician to clean it, as you can use warm soapy water to clean it.

Power of the suction

An efficient chimney needs to have a higher suction capacity so that it can function properly. The performance of the chimney depends on it a lot. When you are looking for the Best Kitchen Chimney in India, you need to consider at the first. It must extract ten times the volume of air in a provided space. It is important to know that the capacity of the suction is measured in cubic meters for every hour. You will see the chimneys that start from 400m3 and 1250m3 for every hour. If you want better and productive outcomes, you need to always go for a chimney that has a greater range of suction capacity.

Cleaning and maintenance

For more enhanced and long lasting results, cleaning and maintenance are two essential features you need to look for in a chimney. If you are interested in investing something better that works for a long time, you should not avoid these factors to consider.

Cleaning an electric chimney is not a hard job as all of the latest models either come with easily removable filters or an auto cleaning feature. In the case, if you are unable to clean your chimney on your own, then you can have a chance to call upon the professional services to maintain it for longer. Professional services know the tips and tricks, which can help you in getting properly maintained chimney for you. They can suggest you some beneficial tips and tricks to help you.


Last but not the least is the width of a chimney. The electric chimneys are available in 2 width sizes, which include 60 cm and 90 cm. it is important to consider the size of the width, if you want to have Best Kitchen Chimney in India for your kitchen to make it look beautiful and classy.

If a cook top has a smaller size, then you need a 60 cm chimney, as it is appropriate for a cooktop having up to 2 feet width. If you have a hob with two burners or hot plates, then you need to have an ideal chimney that is 60 cm in width. While on the other side, if your cooktop is bigger in size, then you can consider a 90 cm width for a chimney. This chimney is perfect for a hob that has 3 or more hot plates or burners.

Considering these factors will assist you in picking up the Best Kitchen Chimney in India that seems to be a great investment for your hard earned money and will give you the best performance throughout.

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