Philips Hl7707 vs Preethi Zodiac [Which Is Better?]

Philips Hl7707 vs. Preethi Zodiac Review : Which Is Better?

In every Indian kitchen, we have a mixer grinder in which we make tasty chutneys and prepare masala for lovely delicious meals. Mixer grinders are among the basic household appliances in our kitchen, but no housewife is happy until they have one in their kitchen. Well, a mixer grinder saves them loads of hassle and time.

There are some recognized brands like Philips and Preethi, but the question is which one is the best. No wonder you need one for your kitchen or buying it as a wedding gift for your relative selection of a mixer grinder should be careful.

Philips Hl7707 vs Preethi Zodiac

It is one important piece and you do not want to run your money on the one which is not worthy. You want the best for your kitchen, but the question is which one. Well, here you will get the answer so read till below.

Features Philips Hl7707 Preethi Zodiac
Brand PHILIPS Preethi
Model Name HL7707 MG-218
Power 750 Watts 750 Watts
Total Jars 4 Jars 5 Jars
Type Juicer Mixer GrinderJuicer Mixer Grinder
Flexi Lid NoYes
Width 29.8 cm 30.5 cm
Height 37 cm 53.3 cm
Depth 20 cm 30.6 cm
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Philips Hl7707 vs. Preethi Zodiac

Philips does not need any introduction and every Indian family is familiar with this name. It is among the home appliance brand that sells the highest number of mixer grinders because of the technology it includes that ideally supports food processing. It is a multiple-tasking mixer grinder that gives chopping, food processing, atta kneading, and mixing-like functions.

Philips Hl7707
Philips Hl7707 Mixer Grinder

Philips Hl7707 is a brand in which you can invest if you have a family member of 4 to 6 and regularly need food processing. If this is not your requirement then look into the Preethi zodiac mixer grinder and if you like to make fresh juices at home then Preethi is having a juicer. Preethi mixer grinder is comparatively small to Philips Hl7707 and is a great option for a food processing task.

Power : Philips Hl7707 has 750W which is a powerful motor to grind anything you want. In Indian kitchens, we like to grind our masala in our kitchen. Then food processing can also be done with lower speeds to make bakery items. It has a gear drive technology for food processing.

You get 4 jars with Philips Hl7707

  • 2.2 Litre kneading Jar for Processing
  • 0.5 Litre Chutney Jar
  • 1 Liter Wet Grinding
  • 1 Liter  Juicer Jar

The capacity of the jars is ideal for both large and medium families. The jars can grind different ingredients. There is a juicer for those who like to make fresh juices at home. There is also a citrus jar available for citrus fruits which separate seeds and gives you full fun of making juices. Quality is not compromised as Philips is among the best brands known for its quality.

There are 5 blades available with Philips Hl7707 which are regular jar blades, slicing blade, grating blade, compact chopper, and kneading tool. All these blades fulfill all your needs in the kitchen to prepare instant meals.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder
Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

For slicing and grating, you get a blade that fulfills a multipurpose role. These blades are made from stainless steel. Philips Hl7707 also includes different attachments like a spindle, chopping knife, citrus press, and attachment disk. Philips Hl7707 is extremely easy to operate.

Preethi Zodiac specifications are very similar to Philips Hl7707 which is also having 750W power and there are 5 jars available with it. There is a juicer available separately and also has Flexi Lid which is absent with Philips. There is a master chef jar of 2.1L available and there are 2 years +5 on the motor.

Mixer Grinder Philips Hl7707 Preethi Zodiac
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Which is better Preethi Zodiac or Philips Hl7707?

Both the mixer grinders are similar to some extent; however, the Preethi Zodiac is having one extra component that is a 1.5L wet grinding jar. Today wet jar is getting popular in Indian kitchen which means Preethi zodiac is a more popular option than Philips Hl7707.

For Indian families budget is also one important factor to consider and even in this category, Preethi Zodiac wins the race with a much affordable price tag as compared to Philips Hl7707.

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What to Look to Choose the Best?

If the juicer is not your priority then Preethi models are a better option, and then if you need a juicer, but the master chef is not your priority then again consider Preethi. If you want a well-recognized brand and are attracted by the name of Philips then it is not a bad idea to buy Philips Hl7707.


Both Philips Hl7707 and Preethi Zodiac mixer grinders are similar in many ways to compare them and do not forget to compare the price tag to make selection easy. Both of the mixer grinders can be purchased online.



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