Best Electric Beater for Cakes in India 2023

Best Electric Beater For Cakes In India : A Full Guide To Buy!

Many women love baking and tend to try new desserts and cakes. Of course, no celebration is complete without a cake. No matter whatever the reason to bake, it is important to have the right tools and ingredients to prepare any cake or dessert. Along with the ingredients, the use of the appropriate tools also has a key role to play. So, if you are going to make a cake or any other dessert that needs beating, then an electric blender is required.

Undoubtedly, not every person knows the importance of an electric beater for cakes, desserts, or coffees and even they are not familiar with its use. This is why here is a complete guide for you if you are a novice to a hand mixer.


Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer

Power : 300 watts
5 Speeds Plus Turbo
Cord Length : 1.2 m


Bajaj HM-01 Powerful Hand Mixer

Power : 250 watts
3 Speed Control
Eject Button


Prestige Hand Mixer

Power : 300 Watts
2 Stainless Steel Attachments
Variable Speed Control


Inalsa Hand Blender

Power : 250 Watts
Cord Length : 1.0 meter
7-Speed Control Settings

Significance of Electric Beater Machines

Before buying any electric beater, learning its importance will help you a lot. As some women still use manual mixing techniques, but electric hand mixers have a better significance. Learn why:


If you mix the ingredients with your hands, then it takes a lot of time to get 100% accuracy. While on the other hand, an electric hand mixer can give you a chance to get accurate batter within a few minutes because of its electric whirring motion.

No lumps

Mixing the batter with your hands also need your hard efforts to put in so that there may be no lumps with proper mixing. But with an electric beater, you can stay stress-free as it can do mixing on your behalf even with no lumps. This device will mix everything consistently without making any hard efforts.

Better functionality for mixing anything 

Regardless of the ingredients, you need to mix, there is nothing to worry about. It can mix anything with complete accuracy and uniformness. It not only works for making simple sponge cakes or chocolate cakes, but even it is also useful to make the ganache, whip the cream, and prepare other things for dressings and fillings. In addition, cheesecakes can also be prepared using an electric beater as it is not easy or possible to make cheesecakes using hands.

Using an Electric Beater for Cakes

  • To avoid spilling the material out of the bowl while making a cake with an electric beater, a thermoplastic plate comes in a handy option.
  • Do not use it on powder ingredients.
  • Ensure you are using it at a low speed.

As there are many electric beater brands out in the market, check some top-rated models:

Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

Getting a perfect mixing experience is all required and there is nothing better option than Philips HR3705/10 hand mixer. It is one of the must-have kitchen devices for every household. Using this hand mixer will offer you baking and beating easier with effective results.

This hand mixer from Philips has a lightweight and ergonomic design, with which mixing becomes easy and comfortable. Two pairs of strip beaters and dough hooks made of stainless steel are attached easily with a click. This way, you can hear the sound showing that the mixing has completed.

The cord wraps around and attaches to a place with a clip, making its storage easy. It has a smooth surface and is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning very fast and easy. It works on the wattage of 300.

It is used to prepare batters and cakes up to 20% faster. You can select the right speed setting from 5 speeds along with Turbo, according to the type of recipe you need to prepare. This hand mixer comes with a large eject button having one touch. It can be handled easily due to its non-slip grip. There is a 1.2m cord for longer reach. Buy it for maximum comfort.

Bajaj HM 01 250 Watt Hand Beater

Are you looking for a hand mixer with exciting features? Then, Bajaj HM01 electric beater is one of them. It boasts a stylish design with a black mat finished exterior, which adds value to your kitchen by giving a nice look. Using this hand blender will help you make your bakery dishes in the comfort of your home.

It has a powerful 250W motor, dough and beater attachment, 3-speed control, eject button, push or slicing switch, and many other features.

It will make you feel great while handling it due to its black mat finished exterior. It gives you the ease of cleaning. Its powerful motor provides fast and easy blending. One can use the dough hooks for kneading doughs for bread, pizza, etc. In addition, it also makes mixing cookies better easily done.

No matter whether you want to prepare whipped cream, beat eggs, or mix thin cake batter, this electric beater from Bajaj will help you get all the tasks done with complete easiness and comfort. Another feature of this blender is that you can adjust the motor’s speed according to the ingredients you are using. The availability of the push button allows you to operate it with comfort.

Prestige Hand Mixer PHM 2.0,300 W

Do you need a colorful gadget kitchen in your kitchen that may be useful too? If yes, then Prestige Hand Mixer PHM is the right option to go with. It has a purple color that gives an ultimate look to it. It can perform a variety of tasks like whisking, blending, beating, and mixing. So, the next time when you are going to prepare tasty dessert recipes or cakes for your family, consider this hand blender option. 

Bring this electric beater to your home to save you precious effort and time without comprising on completing the task with accuracy. As it has twin mixer options along with a variable speed control feature, it is a suitable choice for professional chefs, bakers, etc.

At the same time, you do not need to worry about the cleaning after using it as it is one of the hand blenders that offer an easy-to-clean option to its users. So, if you are a cooking enthusiast, make your purchase now.

It is available online at different shopping stores. Start comparing its prices at many stores and choose the website that offers you a reasonable price range. Add this blender to your kitchen for the smooth preparation of dishes.

Inalsa Hand Blender

In the list of top-rated hand blenders in the market, Inalsa Hand Blender is the next. The company has brought quality kitchen appliances at cheaper prices. When it comes to Inalsa Hand Blender, there are many interesting features you will get. This electric blender can half the mixing effort to a great extent.

One can also save energy because of its fast processing ability. You can perform a variety of tasks with this blender such as whisking, blending, and kneading. The special feature of this hand blender is that it has a 7-speed control setting, with which you can control the power and speed according to what you are preparing and what ingredients you have added.

It comes with quality stainless steel attachments, whisker and dough hooks, two detachable beaters, and an in-built eject knob feature. This is why it offers a handy and convenient option. Its slim-grip and compact design make this appliance easy to hold and move whether you are mixing the ingredients in a bowl or a large cup.

The hand blender has a cord length of 1.0m with 2 pins. Hence, if you are willing to make your blending, whisking, or beating simple and fast, then shop for Inalsa Hand Blender now.

A detailed guide to buy an Excellent Piece of Hand Blender

Here is a quick buying guide for you when it comes to choosing an electric blender:

You may face many challenges while considering the purchase of an electric beater. Of course, no one can make a mistake with the blender’s choice, this is why there are many factors that you need to keep in mind while looking for the best hand mixer:

Designs and Aesthetics

Similar to other kitchen gadgets or appliances, a hand mixer also have its own list of design elements. Make sure you learn these elements before buying a hand mixer:

Check the material of the electric blender, it must be made up of polymer and at the same time, the polymer must be resilient, tough, and highly durable. 

Ensure you choose an electric blender with a long power cord, which lets you operate smoothly. It eliminates the need for an extension. 

There are 2 different materials used in the construction of the blade, including plastic and stainless steel. If you need an electric beater just for normal use, then a plastic beater is the handy option for you. But on the other hand, if you want to prepare cakes, then a hand blender made of stainless steel must be the right fit as it can give robustness and sturdiness to the appliance.

Speed Settings

Check the speed settings of a hand mixer before getting it. These appliances also come with different speed options, which may range from ultra-low to super-fast. This device has a speed setting with marks on it like 0 or 1. Try to select an electric beater with one or more speed settings to ensure you finish any type of task with it.


Another factor to look for is its power. Examine the total power consumption of an electric beater. This way, you will come to know about the total power rating, which will give you complete info regarding its speed. It means how faster the hand blender will move once you change the speed to the highest.


Selecting the right brand of an electric beater is also a key consideration. A blender for preparing cakes and other desserts is designed by many brands including local and top ones.

If you want to stay within your budget, then a hand blender from a local brand is a reliable option, but if you have no problem regarding the price, ensure you go with the well-known and popular brands as they give you the warranty or assurance.


Validate the price of different electric brands from many brands online. The price of an electric beater depends on many things like its size, the number of speed settings, and the brand offering it. Compare different electric beater models and get the best price.

With the detailed knowledge of the above-mentioned factors, you can obtain an excellent and high-quality performing electric beater for you. At the same time, there may be other factors too that may impact your selection criteria, including the shape, the spinning direction, the base, etc.

When you compare many models of electric beaters online, then it would be helpful to you to get the best electric cake beater under your price range along with the consideration of all factors.

Happy Shopping!

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