Best Monitor under 5000 in India 2023

 Buying Guide for Best Monitor In 2020-2021

There is a different accessory that comes along with your computer, but the monitor is one essential part without your PC is nothing. Earlier monitors were heavy and ugly, but today beauty and function are at its best. With LED technology and a flat-screen, you get a perfect monitor for gaming, movie watching, creativity, and many other things.  Today you are having a plethora of options to choose from. The problem is many don’t know how to buy a monitor and they might make a mistake. This guide will help you choose the best like Gaming Monitor under 5000 Rupees

Best Computer Monitors:

How to Buy the Best Monitor?

The purpose behind buying a monitor can be according to your preferences like you might want to just play games or want to plug into your laptop that will be more helpful for your work. Your purpose can be anything so here are few things that you can pay attention to while buying it. 

What is your Budget?

Knowing your budget is a good idea and the price is going to vary considerably. When you know how much you can spend on your hardware you can easily narrow down your choices. You can do this by focusing on the features you require like specific needs. For example, if you need Monitor under 5000 Rupees then choose the features and compare under 5000 Rupees and start your search with the price only.

Our Best Recommendations For You:

Are you planning to buy a Best Monitor Under 5000 Rupees but from our experience you must go to little over budget and go for LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor {22MP68VQ} because this monitor comes under the 10,000 Rupees. But It's quality and performance is way better (Good Quality) than other computer monitor under 5000 Rupees. You must plan for LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor.

Otherwise You Choose your Best Monitor under 5000 Rupees with following given different options.

HP 19ka 46.99 cm(18.5) Monitor

Resolution 1366 x 768
Screen Size 18.5 inch
Display Technology LED
Response Time 5ms
Feature Mercury-Free Backlight

AOC e970swn LED-Lit Monitor

Resolution 1366 x 768
Screen Size 18.5 inch
Display Technology LED
Response Time 5ms
Feature Blur-free images

LG 19-inch Monitor (19M38AB)

Resolution 1366 x 768
Screen Size 19 inch HD
Display Technology LED
Response Time 5ms
Feature Preset Customized Options with just a Click

Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

Resolution 1366 x 768
Screen Size 18.5 Inch 
Display Technology LCD
Response Time 5ms
Feature Flicker-free screen and ComfortView

Best Choice For You

LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor [22MP68VQ]

However, your Budget is tight with 5000 Rupees but you must go to a Best ever Monitor with LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor (22MP68VQ). This Monitor You buy under the 10,000 INR. Under the 10,000 Rupees You get this Best Monitor and quality screen with 22 Inch Borderless IPS Panel.

Resolution 1920 X 1080 (Full HD)
Screen Size 22 Inch 
Display Technology LED
Response Time 5ms
Feature Borderless IPS Panel

You Must Go with This LG 22 Inch Monitor Only..

Rules you must Follow

By following these few below-mentioned rules you are going to steer your search in the right direction

  • Space is something you cannot ignore and yes, you know the answer how much big or small screen you need? Physical space and a screen that fits in your space easily.
  • A compatible adapter is a must to have as it will bridge your outputs and computer. It also protects your computer.
  • A higher resolution is a good idea with a full HD display. You will definitely get a monitor in your budget with an HD resolution. Best monitors with HD display are flooded online.

There are thousands of options out there for example gaming Monitor fewer than 5000, monitors for professional use, big size monitors, and many more.  Shopping for a monitor will become easy when you know what your needs are. If you need a gaming monitor then you must look for exactly gaming monitors and nothing else with a set budget.

What are your Needs?

When you are considering the purchase of a monitor, the main thing you should keep in mind, for what purpose or need you want to buy it because not all monitors are the same and serve the same purpose. Like, for gamers, their GPUs need those settings and features, which enhance the visual quality that work in accordance with a monitor. And make sure you know that not all monitors have every setting to meet the demands of the GPUs. You should buy the Best Gaming Monitor under 5000 that can adjust with the specific features of your graphic card.

Moreover, the necessity of a monitor also includes your business use, creative purpose to be served like graphic designers and artists need, personal or general home use as well. Once you have clarity what purpose you wants your monitor to do, then you should begin looking for a reliable monitor.

Best Computer Monitor under 5000

There are lots of brands available in the market that you will come across when you are seeking the options of computer monitors. After deciding on your budget, needs, and preferences, you can easily look for an ideal computer monitor. Several other aspects of a computer monitor contribute to buying one of the best options. These factors are:

  • Aspect Ratio : It is defined as the aspect the computer screen shows images in. There are different aspect ratio formats, you can see.
  • Brightness : Most high-end monitors have brightness around 300-350 cd/m2. In large or well-lit rooms, extra brightness is helpful. In case, if you need a monitor with HDR support, the more peak brightness, it would be better to get benefited from that technology.
  • High-dynamic range or HDR : It is a recent addition to the space of the computer monitor and can have a drastic influence on visuals.
  • Contrast Ratio : It is a parameter that will tell the difference between how black and how white a computer screen can get. It is better to have a monitor with higher contrast ratios because colors will be more differentiated.
  • Refresh Rate : It is measured in Hz and it is the rate at which how often a monitor updates the image on the screen.
  • Response Time : It indicates how instantly the computer monitor displays transitions. A monitor with a low response time is good to have.

With the consideration of such factors, one can get the Best Computer Monitor under 5000 that will pay for your hard-earned money.



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