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Try The Best Electric Kettle In India With This Comprehensive Guide

Having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning daily will give you a warm welcome to the fresh start of every day. It will motivate people to get a fresh morning and indulged into the fresh and unique ideas. This way, we can make us feel good. If you want the best and convenient methods of preparing tea or coffee at your home, then the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle is an ideal option. As there are many electric home appliances you can opt for, an electric kettle will give you amazing time while having tea or coffee in the morning or in the evening.

An overview!

The invention of the electric kettle was one of the huge boons for the human kind. If you are a tea or coffee lover, the electric kettles are better options to take into account. It is also helpful for those who stay in a hostel or a paying guest because they do not have an access to all types of home appliances that are needed to perform the daily activities of the lifestyle. This is why they can consider an electric kettle to buy either offline or online.

These days, most of the people have a convenient time in choosing the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle in India. No matter whether you are residing in an apartment, a hostel, or a hotel, electric kettles will give you a complete peace of mind. The first electrical kettle was introduced in 1891 by the company known as the Carpenter Electric Company. This kettle was used to boil the water in just 12 minutes. After that, the design of the previous kettle had been improved in 1922 and it had introduced the heating element, known as a metal rod in the kettle. It was due to the fact that they wanted the water to heat at a faster rate via an electric kettle.

Comparison of Best Electric Kettle In India


Prestige 1.5L PKPWRC Electric Kettle
Orpat OEK 8137 Electric Kettle
Philips HD-9303/02 Electric Kettle

Bajaj Majesty KTX 11 Electric Kettle

OEK 8137
Majesty KTX 11
1500 W
1350 W
1800 W
1300 W
1.5 L
1.2 L
1.2 L
1.2 L
Auto Switch Off
Buy Now

The evolution of the modern kettles!

In the present times, you can find a wide range of modern kettles in the market. The main and interesting thing to get familiar with is that today’s electric kettles can help you to boil the water within just a few minutes. Particularly, modern electric kettles are cordless. Users can take them to anywhere they want. It means that the pot sits on the base of the kettle. After that, you need to insert the base of the kettle into the plug in the wall socket. This is the reason why the cordless and modern electric kettle as simple as a stove top kettle when it comes to its use.

What are the uses of the electric kettles?

Of course, every home appliance has been made by keeping any intention into the mind. The same is true for electric kettles, as they were initially made to boil the water in an easy and effective manner. Now, with the use of the Best Electric Kettle, people can take many benefits from it. These appliances can be used for a variety of purposes. These are:

  • One can boil the water according to the needs and preferences in an electric kettle
  • Another use of the electric kettle is to make tea or coffee instantly 
  • Many people prefer to boil the milk in these appliances 
  • Sometimes, it can also be used to prepare Maggi or some other foods 

An electric kettle is of greater importance when there is a scarcity of gas stove or cylinder. They outplay stove top kettles when we talk about the portability. There are many situations when you need an electric kettle along with you. Like, if you are travelling to any place with your family or friends, if you have an electric kettle, then you can use this appliance to prepare instant foods or coffee in the case you have nothing to eat or drink.

Moreover, when you are in the bedroom, you do not want to go to the kitchen for making a cup of tea or coffee for your loved ones, these appliances are a handy option. An electric kettle has a fast boiling time, which allows you more time and less effort to enjoy your breakfast or morning drink. So, make your mind and go online or visit your local market to have the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle in your kitchen wardrobe.

Top & Best Electric Kettle in India

List of Top 5 Best Electric Kettle in India

Note: When you are going to boil milk in Electric Kettle at that time never close the lid of your Electric Kettle. Because in Electric Kettle Milk Boils quickly.

1. Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Editor's Choice)

Philips trusted brand in Electronics products especially in Home & Kitchen Appliances. Philips HD93303/002 Electric Kettle is costly but it has user friendly design. It is durable. Kettle has capacity of 1.2 Liter. Kettle has many safety features like overheating prevention and dry boiling. It has wide opening lead which helps for filling and cleaning the Kettle. It has polished stainless steel finish.

>> It has Protection features (including stem sensor, dry boiling, and Overheating prevention)
>> Wide Opening

>> It is costly.

2. Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle (Amazon Best Seller)

Orpat new player in this category but they launched this Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle and getting more popular in Cordless Kettle Product. They launched this Electric Kettle with some additional features with low price. It comes under best seller category in Are you searching for Best Electric Kettle under 1000 INR. Then you must go with following Amazon Link you get a big discount on MRP Price. It has some additional features like auto stop with LED indicator. Kettle bodies made by aluminium die cast body.

>> It is cheaper
>> Auto shut off Feature
>> It has Cordless Feature
>> It has easy access switch

>> It has Power Cord length is short.
>> It has water level marking inside Kettle

3. Prestige 1.5L PKPWRC Electric Kettle (1500-Watt Kettle)

Prestige another famous brand name for Kitchen Appliances. It has some additional features like single touch lid locking and automatic power cut off. It has read and white color which looks more beautiful. It cut the power off when water boiled. This Prestiage 1.5L Eclectic Kettle comes under the 1500 INR. It has feature of auto shut off.

>> It has automatic Power off.
>> It has single touch lid locking
>> It has very good finish

>> It has short power cord.

4. Morphy Richards Voyager 300 0.5-Litre Stainless Steel Travel Kettle

Morphy Richards famous brand all over world and most of people preferred for Morphy Richards in Kitchen. As comparing with Price of other Electric Kettle then it costly. It is too small kettle. It has high build quality and looks very stylish. It is regular Kettle not a cordless kettle. Trusted Kettle, but size as compare with other Kettle is too small.

>> It has very Stylish Design
>> It is durable
>> Easy to clean

>> It is expensive
>> It has small Size

5. Pigeon Egnite EG12051 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle

This Pigeon Electric kettle comes under cordless Category. It has capacity of 1.2liter. It has some features like Water level indicator. It made up of plastic body. In front of other Electric Kettle design, it won the first place because It looks very beautiful.

>> It has very beautiful Design
>> It has water level indicator
>> It has 360 degree rotation Corless Kettle

>> It has very small Power Cable
>> It made up of Plastic

Various models and designs

Now, the main point to consider is that these appliances are available in a wide range of colors, styles, designs, and models. There are various brands available in different parts of the world, which manufacture different types and designs of electric kettles. Most of the kettles are made of glass, plastic, and stainless steel. You can select any type of electric kettle of any material that suits your needs and expectations. Some people are really worried about the toxins and harmful substances in the plastic. This is why they always like to have the electric kettle made of glass or stainless steel.
Sometimes, in the plastic kettles, the taste of the water gets completely changed, which is also a drawback. Different designs and styles of electric kettles make the selection very hard and choosy. Some electric kettles look like old traditional coffee percolators; some have an appearance of their stove top cousins. These days, there are modern and streamlined designs. People can also choose the electric kettles with the water filters, if they have hard water. As it is an electric device, it is important to take care of it.

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If you do not have a gas or stove in your home, these appliances offer you a lot of convenience and comfort. When the power goes out, people can simply boil water using an electric kettle.

Factors to consider

While buying the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle in India, you need to take care of many factors. It is good to get complete and essential information you should be aware of. Have a look at some vital factors that will take you to buy an ideal and right electric kettle for your home or business place:


First of all, you should take care of the size of an electric kettle. Having a right sized kettle will help throughout the time. Unless being used for holidays or traveling, you should buy an electric kettle having the capacity of at least 1.4l. 


The second factor is the weight. Of course, it is the appliance that is something you are expected to use every day. Take care of the thing whether or not the electric kettles are light weight and good balanced. If they are not, then they can be a strain to hold even for a short time. This is why it is recommended to read the reviews online for many electric kettles of different brands having many models and designs. Considering this factor, you can have a chance to read the rating online. Prior to buying, you should visit a departmental store or a home ware shop to experiment a display model to see how it is easy to pick up and carry.


It is one of the pivotal factors that you should ignore at any cost. The higher the wattage of an electric kettle the more dominant it is. Of course, it will boil the water or anything else at a quicker rate. Most of the models of the electric kettles possess a rapid boiling function. If you want to have hot drinks very often, then the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle with higher wattage is a good pick for you.

Cool touch casing

Users should look for an electric kettle, which has a cool touch casing feature. The reason is that this appliance can reach 100 degrees centigrade. By having this feature based electric kettle, it can reduce the chances of an accident or injury in the home.

Some other factors include wide spout, lime scale filters, and concealed heating element and the most important one is the price. At the same time, you also need to check whether the manufacturer offers warranty or not.

Features to look for in the best electric kettle in India

When you are willing to have the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle in India, you need to take the below-mentioned features into account:

Temperature control

It is good to have a temperature control button in an electric kettle, which should be adjustable in nature. With this option, you can get a chance to select the temperature that suits to your needs and according to what you are preparing like green tea, coffee or anything else.

Automatic shut off

It is another feature that will offer you a sigh of relief when you do not remember to shut off the kettle at any time. When the water reaches the needed boiling temperature, electric kettles use the automatic shut off feature, making it safe to use. With this feature, it also prevents the accident or damage to anything. Generally, it acts like a thermostat. In the case of no automatic shut off feature, the more chances, it may latch fire.

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The handle should be strong and durable. With the use of its handle, you can easily take it from one place to another. In addition, it also increases the safety options. If a handle is made of rubber, then it will be gripped easily. You should prefer having an electric kettle with the rubber handle.

Pouring nozzle

The Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle should have a large and wide pouring nozzle, which gives quick results when it comes to the input or pouring of water.

Lid lock

It is an important feature. If your kettle has this feature, it will help you in preventing spilling of boiling water. This way, it can make the electric kettle harmless and safe.


Filters are used to put a full stop to the mineral deposits that lead to super neat and clean boiling water. Additionally, they are helpful to enhance the flavor of your coffee or tea.

Water level Indictor

With the water level indicator, you can check how much minimum water that should be poured into it. It can avoid the kettle from burning in the case the water level is too low.

Considering all of these features, you can easily look for the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle for your home use.

Find Best Electric Kettle In India

Look online

Once you know what you have to look for, you can start your search on the web. By going online, you can compare different models from numerous companies on the basis of their features, prices, and benefits. By following a step by step process, it will give you the Best Multipurpose Electric Kettle in India serving different purposes. Apart from that, if you buy an electric kettle online, you will avail the special offers and discounted prices by visiting the best and secure online shopping stores. So, give it a try right now.

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