Best Dry Iron in India 2023

Best Dry Iron in India: Remove Creases From Your Life

Imagine, you are going out to attend an extremely important meeting or an event and you have dressed to impress. You have put on your best and exclusive attire, and are looking your best but... your beautiful and elegant clothes are full of wrinkles and creases... what do you do? This little shortcoming is bound to spoil your entire look and will certainly bring down your confidence. Remember, wearing your best clothes isn't enough to make an impression if your ensemble is shabby and unkempt. So dear friend, it is not that big a crisis that cannot be solved. In this situation a good dry iron can you rescue from this probable calamity. 

Best Dry Iron in India

The highly underrated electrical appliance, a dry iron, though present in each and every Indian home has never got the appreciation or adulation that it deserves. Every morning each and every household uses an iron to ready their clothes and step out to make a mark through the day. From school children to men and women going to work, even the homemakers, just need an electric iron, for they just cannot manage to look their best without it. It is not only used for clothes but also linen, curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, and what not.  With its multipurpose utility, an iron is like a panacea for various domestic tasks.

Comparison of Best Dry Iron in India


Bajaj DX 7 Light Weight Dry Iron
Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron
Philips HI114 Dry Iron

Maharaja Whiteline EASIO DI-104 Dry Iron

Morphy Richards
Maharaja Whiteline
DX 7 Light Weight
Soleplate Type
Non Stick Coated
NonStick Coated
Golden American Heritage
Non Stick
2 year
1 year
2 year
2 year
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Top & Best Dry Iron in India (List of Top 5 Dry Iron)

1. Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron (Amazon Best Seller)

Bajaj, most of Indian are familiar with this name. They made a Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron; Now days it become a best seller in Amazon. Design looks costly but you buy around 600-670 INR. It coming with lots of additional features. It has Non Stick Coated Sole plate because of it doesn't stick to clothes and use it very smoothly. It is very light weight; use it very smoothly. It came with some of safety features like Thermal Fuse (Which helps power overload problems). While doing Ironing feel very comfortable and relaxing because of Comfortable hand grip.

It has Light Weight
It has Non Sticky Plate
Heat Control

Cord Length is comparatively small as per other Iron (1.5 Meter)

2. Philips HI114 1000-Watt Golden American Heritage Soleplate Dry Iron (Editor's Pick)

Philips is well known name in Electronic Products. It is golden american heritage soleplate. Design is very good as well as handle of Philips HI114 is very comfortable. It looks very beautiful because of it's white colour.

>> It has light wight Design
>> Fast heating
>> Easy Gliding
>> Costly

3. Usha EI 3602 1000-Watt Dry Iron

One of the most trusted brand in household equipment is Usha. Its another better choice in Dry Iron category.  It uses for different fabric by using easy selector. It has extra long cord. It is completely shock proof plastic body with handle.

>> It has overheat safety shut on/off
>> It has easy grip fabric selector
>> It has extra long cord

>> It has very light weight

4. Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Morphy Richards another name came into Electronic Products. Morphy Richards tried to give a premium look. This Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron looks different than other Dry Irons. It has adjustable Thermostatic Control, it is useful feature while doing the ironing. It has auto Shut off facility. This Iron has sharp beak which help to ironing regions like Button and Collar.

>> Design looks like premium Iron
>> It has Light Weight
>> It has Non Stick Coating

>> It has small Handle.

Above all Dry Iron with 1000 Watt Power

5. Orpat OEI 187 1200-Watt Dry Iron

Orpat OEI 187 has 1200 Watss power. It heat up very quickly. It has shock proof plastic body. It reaches into Ticky Areas of cloth (Buttons, Collar). It has German grade non-stick coated sole plate. It heats uniformly.

>> It reaches into Tricky Areas
>> It has Shock Proof Plastic Body
>> It has Ergonomic Design
>> Average Quality

What is a dry iron?

An iron is a small compact and portable appliance which is used to remove wrinkles/ creases from a fabric. At different places it is known by different names such as a clothes iron, flat iron, or smoothing iron. The flat metal piece at the bottom is called a sole plate which heats up to remove the creases. This appliance uses multiple forms of energy, namely heat energy, chemical energy, electrical energy, and mechanical energy.

Unlike old and obsolete irons made of metal such as copper, which were manual, extremely bulky and used chunks of soldering coal to raise the temperature to remove creases from the fabric, these modern electric dry irons use the electricity to heat up and are lighter to use and highly efficient. Dry iron has various options available with different companies providing electric irons at highly affordable prices. Though steam irons are also gaining popularity but the dry iron still is te most common iron widely used all across India. A dry iron is so effient and easy to use that even a child 
can use it.  

Features of modern dry irons

Modern electric irons boasts of some of the following features:

  1. An efficient design to let the iron to be set down standing on its end while not in use
  2. A thermostat to maintain the temperature 
  3. A temperature control dial to control the temperature according to the fabrics and has options marked on it, such as  "silk", "wool", "cotton", "linen", "nylon" etc.
  4. Electrical cord with heat-resistant insulation
  5. A retractable cord for easy storage
  6. A non-stick coating on the plate to help the iron glide on the fabric
  7. Anti-burn control to prevent damage due to high heat if the iron is left flat for too long, the iron shuts off to prevent damage and fires
  8. Energy saving control to shut off the iron if not in use for more than 10 or more minutes, thus saving electricity and preventing fires
  9. Cordless irons, it comes with an electric stand on which the iron is placed. Cord is attached to the stand and it heats the plate of the iron, once heated, the iron can be removed from it and then used anywhere in the room. it is portable and there is no impediment. It remains warm for a short period and then again to heat it up, it has to be placed on the stand.

Types of dry iron
With advancement in technology and innovation, you can find unlimited options of dry iron to choose from. Few of which are:
  • Simple Iron which is electric but is mostly ordinary as it does not have an electrostat or temperature control dial to control the temperature according to the different fabrics 
  • Semi- automatic iron which has a thermostat, but no temperature control dial
  • Fully automatic with thermostat and temperature control dial and automatic timer
  • Cordless iron with stand and is detachable and portable
  • Travelling iron which is smaller in size and is useful while travelling as it can be carried along with you
  • Charcoal iron, nearly obsolete, uses charcoal to raise the temperature and is entirely made of metal
  • Steam iron, advanced iron with water storage option where water is turned into steam

Dry Iron vs Steam Iron

In recent times steam iron is gaining popularity but dry iron still holds its top place as it has numerous perks over the former.
Steam iron cannot be used on delicate fabrics such as silk. 
Compared to a dry iron, steam iron uses more electricity as it uses more energy to heat up the water to turn it into steam.
 Many a times, the fissures on the plate of steam iron leave a permanent mark on the fabric. 
Steam being high in temperature and can cause burns if not used with caution. 
Steam iron costs way higher than the dry iron. Getting the crispness on fabric is only poddible with a dry iron.
Therefore, you can surely make most of the dry iron if you know how to use it efficiently and wisely. If handled with care, dry iron can last for years without breaking down. After all, a machine is as good as the person using it. You don't have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a good quality iron. You can go through endless options and choose the product that best suits your needs and preferences, and of course the budget. 

How to use iron for your clothes, linen

Using a dry iron for your clothes is not a rocket science. Technological advancements make appliances a boon for us to use in our daily life. Thus, using an iron is as easy and simple as breathing. Before ironing, make sure your clothes have been washed properly and do not have any stains as ironing a stained cloth will make it difficult to remove the stains later.

Take the cloth or the other linen that you have to iron, place it on the ironing board or preferably on a smooth flat surface. Make sure you do not put any form of plastic or any other such material that can melt when in contact with high temperature anywhere near the iron. Spread out the cloth and set the required temperature keeping in mind the material of the fabric. Now slowly and carefully glide the iron all over the cloth till the wrinkles vanish. Remember to keep the iron away from the cloth when not in use, and never ever let the iron rest on the clothes when hot, as this may damage the linen. Also, make sure that the clothes are properly dried out, and if the wrinkles are difficult to remove then you can use a few drops or a splash of water to sprinkle on the fabric and then iron it.

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Different (fun) uses of a dry iron
As discussed before, a dry iron is first and foremost used to make your clothes look clean and presentable, but there are so many other unconventional uses that an iron has that can be used to your benefit and will save you from many undesirable situation. 
i) Remove wax stains from carpet or other fabrics by simply placing a paper towel on the wax stain and pressing it with hot iron. The wax will stick to the paper.
ii) Save your currency notes that have been washed in the washing machine with clothes by simply ironing the notes or even documents with the iron.
iii) Straighten your hair with the iron but be careful to keep the temperature setting on low
iv) Seal or laminate your documents using the iron.
v) Heat your food using iron by placing the food in the aluminium foil and then keeping it over the hot metal plate of iron.

Where to buy dry iron
Buying a Best Dry Iron in India that suits your need is extremely easy. Opting for a conventional way, you can buy the iron from any store near you where the seller will guide you through the features and will familiarize you with the warranty that you will get with the appliance, clubbed with the after sale services. Or if you are tech savvy, then you can shop from any online store, choosing from infinite brands and a plethora of designs available, while also availing the huge discounts you will find there.

No matter what you do, or where you live, a dry iron is an essential part of your home that you cannot do away with. So to look your finest and make your life a bit easy, don't hesitate to invest a little amount of your earnings in a good iron.



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